The Patriot Post® · Fake News CNN Settles Covington Defamation Suit

By Nate Jackson ·

Nearly a year ago, one of the more egregious episodes of fake news was quickly spread. CNN, NBC, and The Washington Post led the charge against several white teenage boys wearing MAGA hats at the DC Mall, accusing the youths of racist intimidation of a “Native American elder.” The truth was exactly the opposite.

Nick Sandmann, the Covington Catholic High School student at the center of the controversy, filed a defamation lawsuit against those three news outlets last spring. A federal judge dismissed and then partially reopened the suit against The Washington Post. That’s no doubt why CNN just settled with Sandmann for an undisclosed amount. He sought $275 million; the settlement is certainly for far less, but Sandmann surely received a healthy sum. NBC, you’re next.

Beyond CNN’s fake coverage of the incident, its reporters tweeted about Sandmann being “deplorable” and worthy of being “punched in the face.” Isn’t that incitement to violence? Never mind the hypocrisy of Leftmedia reverence for leftist teenagers.

What’s truly amusing about CNN’s settlement, however, is that just this week the network took The Babylon Bee to task for “fake news,” despite everything on the Christian satire site being clearly humor. But we don’t recall the Bee ever having to settle a defamation suit for fake news. No, that’s just CNN.