The Patriot Post® · Wednesday Short Cuts

By Political Editors ·

For the record: “I think what the administration did in the Soleimani case is absolutely correct. I think it’s the right thing to do.” —Obama National Security Advisor Jim Jones

Machinations: “Senators are required to be present for the duration of an impeachment trial. So by holding on to the impeachment articles for so long, Speaker Pelosi is rigging the Iowa caucuses for Biden. Once again, the Democrat Party establishment is trying to sideline Bernie Sanders.” —House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy

Authenticity doesn’t equal suitability: “Bernie is the only person on that [debate] stage who believes what he’s saying. The only problem is what he’s saying is horrifying.” —David Harsanyi

Observations: “Sorry to be radical, but maybe the real problem is women thinking being a mom is an inconvenience to their ambitions.” —Allie Beth Stuckey

Friendly fire: “[Elizabeth Warren] had breakout moments [last night], but did anyone on that stage really seem ready to take on Trump in a debate? If we want a Democrat to win the White House (which I certainly do) we need our candidates to start showing up a lot stronger.” —Van Jones

Braying jackass: “I think if there were no tensions [with Iran], if there was no escalation recently in the region, those Canadians would be right now home with their families. This is something that happens when you have conflict and war. Innocents bear the brunt of it and it is a reminder why all of us need to work so hard on de-escalation, moving forward to reduce tensions and find a pathway that doesn’t involve further conflict and killing.” —Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Non compos mentis: “I was in Tehran when they were chanting ‘Death to America’ once. I was at a rally, the people couldn’t have been more friendly to me personally as an American. It sort of felt like a thing and a trope as opposed to anything that was actually seriously meant and considered.” —CNN’s Erin Burnett

What could possibly go wrong? “The Department of Education already has broad legal authority to cancel student debt, and we can’t afford to wait for Congress to act. So I will start to use existing laws on day one of my presidency to implement my student loan debt cancellation plan that offers relief to 42 million Americans.” —Sen. Elizabeth Warren

And last… “Warren supporters are applying the ‘believe women’ slogan to this dispute between her and Sanders. They’re literally claiming that we should believe women in EVERY situation, not just with sexual assault. Women never lie about anything, they say. Insane. Just insane.” —Matt Walsh