Beyond King's Dreams

A more unified approach that reaches across party lines would be a perfection of King's dream.

Patrick Hampton · Jan. 20, 2020

Concerned about the future of black Americans, Martin Luther King Jr. envisioned a world where unity, compassion and harmony prevailed for all people. Today, Democrats and liberals still ride the coattails of King’s campaigns, latching themselves onto the oppression and injustices of the past despite the many proven advancements in racial reconciliation. Their actions suggest one thing: King’s dream is largely unrealized in today’s society.

King was an important visionary for America. Though his liberal ideology does not line up with my own personal vision for our nation, he deserves to be heralded as an agent for change.

Sadly, MLK’s legacy is caught up in a game where politicians profit on past injustices, as pundits and influencers like to put words in King’s mouth when it comes to whether he’d be pleased with today’s society. These leaders and lawmakers in all levels of government prop up King’s dream, using it as an excuse to push forward socialistic agendas that have failed numerous other societies.

While King’s campaigns for economic redistribution were good-hearted in nature, they were painfully naive to pursue. Leaving our capitalistic economic model for democratic socialism (or socialism in disguise) only serves to give out crumbs, creating a permanent underclass of our society and nothing more. But because MLK’s influence is so grand, today’s social justice warriors have romanticized the African-American visionary, seeking to emulate his movements while overlooking the flaws within them.

Waking Up to A New Dream

King’s dream, while well meaning, still sleeps on the true path toward a prosperous America for all. This gives forth a new dream, one that is being fulfilled by our current POTUS and through the efforts of this new generation of black Americans seeking change.

At the core of MLK’s desires is a nation where all can partake in a prosperous society. Despite having so many Democrats attempt to embody his vision, not one has been able to successfully match the achievements of President Donald Trump.

Rather than use flowery conjecture and suppositions, I pair King’s sentiments alongside the facts of our current administration’s achievements:

Regarding unemployment, under the Trump Administration:

  • African-American, Hispanic-American, and Asian-American unemployment achieved the lowest rates ever recorded.
  • Women’s unemployment reached the lowest rate in more than six decades.
  • More than 400,000 manufacturing jobs have been created since Trump’s election, the fastest rate of growth in over 30 years.

King was among leaders who organized the 1963 March on Washington, which demanded the institution of laws to prohibit racial discrimination in the workforce. So it’s indisputable that King would have celebrated the aforementioned achievements of Trump’s presidency.

Regarding welfare, nearly four million Americans have been lifted off food stamps since President Trump was elected in 2016. This is directly in line with King’s sentiments to lift black and brown people out of poverty and into the stream of economic prosperity.

In terms of racial reconciliation, the primary political ideologies are still highly segregated, as minorities gather under the umbrella of the Democrat Party, whereas the Republican Party tends to attract fewer black and brown people, but more whites. This calls for NEW dreamers, which is why the #BLEXIT movement is so integral to creating the harmonious society that would surpass even King’s dream.

Those of us waving the #BLEXIT banner seek to do away with division, using facts, education, and fellowship to pull blacks out of the Democrats’ ideological plantation and into the vastness of a freed mindset. Blame and victimhood, marches, and racial-superiority ideas are relics of the past. A more unified approach that reaches across party lines and embraces all people as one would be a perfection of King’s dream. Instead of riding the coattails of King’s campaigns of yesteryear, a new generation of black conservatives are prepared to go forth and create a world that would even gain King’s approval if he were alive to see it.

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