Trump Slowing Illegal Immigration; Sanders Would Reverse Course

While the president's policies succeed, a Democrat opponent promises to upend it all.

Political Editors · Jan. 22, 2020

Since President Donald Trump went to work tackling the nation’s illegal immigration crisis, the number of illegal border crossings have decreased precipitously and nowhere more so than Arizona. As The Daily Wire reports, “In Arizona alone, the Border Patrol was registering around 14,000 apprehensions per month by May of 2019, but in October of 2019, there were only 800 apprehensions. In December of 2019, the streak kept up, and apprehensions dropped around 90%.”

Much of the credit for this significant drop goes to Trump’s multifaceted approach in addressing the problem of illegal immigration, which includes the construction of border wall, the new “remain in Mexico” asylum policy, and agreements with Mexico and Central American countries to actively engage and limiting illegal immigration coming through their countries. Slowly but steadily Trump has made progress on one of his signature campaign promises, despite Democrat efforts to prevent him.

Speaking of Democrats, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders recently expressed his desire to end and reverse Trump’s successes in combatting illegal immigration. When asked if he supported tearing down the border wall, Sanders responded, “I don’t know, maybe the answer is yes.” He then equivocated slightly by suggesting, “If it’s going to cost me billions to tear it down, maybe the money would be better spent on child care in this country.” But Sanders didn’t stop with the wall; he ridiculously asserted that he would effectively end all but a fraction of deportations. “If someone has been convicted of a terrible, terrible crime, that might be an exception to the rule,” he explained. “A moratorium on 99% of deportations is nothing to sniff at, and I think the undocumented community would be very proud of that.”

While the “undocumented community” — otherwise known as illegal aliens — might be proud of that, no American should be. The truth is the only reason Sanders and Democrats are advocating for open borders and an end to deportations of illegals is because they see them as future voters. It’s all just about politics and lust for power. Sanders, who claims to want to serve Americans, expresses no concern for protecting and defending American citizens first, which is the primary job of the president. No, he’d rather blast those who are working to protect our citizens and secure our borders as acting selfishly and immorally. Frankly, it’s despicable.

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