The Patriot Post® · Charity Sends Military Equipment to U.S. Troops Overseas

By Culture Beat ·

“The U.S. military is recognized as one of the best-equipped forces in the world, but, sometimes, troops need supplies faster than the services can send them.”

“This was the situation Jake Jones said he found himself in while serving in Iraq with the Marines in 2016. Before heading into Mosul to fight the Islamic State, the retired sergeant said, he realized that his unit didn’t have enough rescue kits. It would take too long to get the kits through military supply lines. So, he contacted Troops Direct, a civilian-run group with a unique twist on care packages: It only provides military gear. Within days, the group sent equipment that might have taken months to arrive through government channels.”

“The Troops Direct shipment included a pulley system that was put to critical use.”

“‘We actually saved a girl’s life with that on that deployment,’ Jones told the Washington Examiner. ‘She was drowning. So, two of the guys jumped into the water — it was a 90-foot jump — and they got her stabilized and kept her above water.’ The troops used the pulley system to hoist her out on a spinal board.”

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