The Patriot Post® · What Impeachment? Trump Signs USMCA

By Thomas Gallatin ·

Even in the midst of the ongoing Senate impeachment trial, President Donald Trump hasn’t taken his eyes off the ball as he continues to press forward in implementing his Make America Great Again agenda. On Wednesday, Trump signed his biggest trade deal to date, a deal that significantly revamps, updates, and improves the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and will now be called the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement, or USMCA.

In a ceremony on the South Lawn, Trump, surrounded by lawmakers and members of his administration, observed, “Everybody said that this was a deal that could not be done. Too complicated, too big — couldn’t be done. We got it done.” Indeed, it’s an achievement made all the more impressive given the Democrats’ hyper-partisan anti-Trump resistance, typified by their partisan impeachment charade.

Touting his outsider status, Trump added, “Two decades of politicians ran for office vowing to replace the NAFTA. Yet once elected, they never even tried. They never even gave it a shot. They sold out. But I’m not like those other politicians. … I keep my promises and I’m fighting for the American worker.”

The only remaining hurdle to USMCA being fully realized is Canada’s House of Commons, which will need to ratify the agreement. However, there is little concern that it won’t be approved.

For the American worker and the U.S. economy this deal couldn’t come at a more opportune moment in helping to maintain the nation’s robust economic outlook. As the White House 1600 Daily highlights, the USMCA provides:

  • Broad economic benefits. USMCA is estimated to create nearly 600,000 American jobs — and generate up to $235 billion in economic activity.

  • Better protection for workers. It has the strongest, most advanced, and most comprehensive labor protections of any American trade agreement in history.

  • Support for our farmers. The agreement is a massive win for American farmers and ranchers, vastly improving access to Canadian and Mexican markets. U.S. agricultural exports are expected to increase by $2.2 billion under the deal.

  • A boost for American manufacturers. The U.S. auto industry alone expects to create up to 76,000 new jobs and spur $34 billion in new investments.

  • Modernized terms. Unlike NAFTA, USMCA has protections for American intellectual property, a first-of-its-kind chapter on digital trade, and provisions to crack down on unfair currency practices.

In spite of all the daily drama coming out of Washington over who said what to whom and when, it’s good to see at least the government can still get some positively impactful things done for the American worker. As Trump explained, “It’s probably the number one reason that I decided to lead this crazy life that I’m leading now instead of that beautiful, simple life of luxury that I led before this happened. But I love doing it.”