The Patriot Post® · Twitter Democrats Are Most Extreme Leftists

By Thomas Gallatin ·

Twitter-using Democrats are more likely to hold hard-left and less tolerant political views than their non-Twitter-using compatriots, a recent study from Pew Research Center concluded. Twitter-using Democrats were also less inclined to find common ground with Republicans than Democrats not on Twitter. The survey found that 45% of Twitter Democrats supported presidential candidates running on an extreme leftist platform as compared to 34% of non-Twitter Democrats.

“A breakdown of support for Democratic nominees also shows distinctions between supporters on Twitter versus those who are off,” National Review reports. “Former vice president Joe Biden — who polls well among older demographics — has the largest support of those off Twitter with 26 percent, while progressives Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren receive high levels of on-Twitter support with 29 percent and 21 percent, respectively.”

Furthermore, the study noted that 74% of leftist Democrats from the ages of 18 to 49 had participated in some type of political activism on social media — more than twice the percentage of conservatives. Unfortunately, much of the mainstream media looks to social media as a barometer for determining Americans’ political opinions, which might explain why predictions for the 2016 election were so wrong. The lesson here is that of the squeaking wheel — it may get most of the attention, but that’s because it’s messed up. A few loud mouths on social media don’t define a nation.