The Patriot Post® · Profiles in Courage?

By Roger Helle ·

I’m amazed what the Left calls “courage” today. In Vietnam I saw the courage of my fellow Marines. I’m alive today because of a Navy Corpsman and a 19-year-old Lance Corporal who dragged me to safety after I had been critically wounded. I know what courage looks like.

As a junior senator from Massachusetts, John F. Kennedy wrote a book, Profiles in Courage, profiling former senators who exhibited courage for their actions. When Kennedy became president, the media was aware of his immorality, but ignored it. I acknowledge there were events in his life where he displayed great courage, both physically and politically.

In World War II he saved lives when his patrol boat was sunk by a Japanese destroyer. When inaugurated he said, “Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.” Yet, like all of us, he was a flawed person. Ted Kennedy was called “The Lion of the Senate” by his party, overlooking the fact that he abandoned a young woman who was drowning in the back seat of his car while he swam to safety. His life lacked true courage.

Bill Clinton was known to be a womanizer even before he was elected. He was impeached, NOT for his affair but for lying about it under oath. Today he is idolized by those on the Left. They were flawed individuals, as we all are. It seems, however, that your past can be overlooked ONLY if you are a liberal Democrat. If you’re a Republican, there’s no mercy.

President Donald Trump is a flawed human being, too. He was not the person I wanted to see become president, but he is my president now and like every president before him I pray for him and his family each and every day. I’m going to offer my “opinion” here but it seems to me Trump recognizes his failings. At the National Prayer Breakfast this month, Trump responded to the speaker’s message of “love your enemies” by stating how hard it was and that he was trying. I’m waiting for Nancy Pelosi to announce she too is trying to forgive her enemies!

For all of his personality quirks, the fact is the Left and the media (but I repeat myself) give Trump no credit for all the good things he has done and still wants to do for our nation. While 90% of African Americans vote Democrat, under Trump, unemployment for minorities has dropped to historic levels. The same is true for women and Asians. According to the Council of Economic Advisers, economic growth and wages have grown faster for African Americans than for white Americans. Any credit given here?

Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg say there’s no room in the Democrat Party for pro-lifers. Every Democrat candidate supports abortion up until the birth of a child. They all want to take away your guns, stifle your speech if you offend them, and give benefits to those who are here illegally and have you pay for them. What’s not to love about these guys?

It takes more courage to fight the lies and hatred of the Left day after day after month after year and make our nation great for everyone than to whine and cry every single day about how bad America is.

Something to think about?