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Ohio Church Helps Wipe Out $46.5M in Medical Debt

After hearing a sermon on God forgiving their sin debt the congregation responds in kind.

Culture Beat · Feb. 27, 2020

“Crossroads Church senior pastor Brian Tome mentioned the campaign nearly in passing. He spent about three minutes describing the burden of medical debt during his Nov. 23 sermon, entitled ‘The Marks of Multiplication.’ Tome said members of the congregation could text ‘MULTIPLY’ to 313131 to help ‘free others from medical debt,’ but insisted the campaign was not a challenge. Just an awareness.”

“It was also a great metaphor for his lesson on multiplicity.”

“‘When we are in debt, a sin debt to God, we can’t get our way out of the sin debt to God,’ he said during the sermon. ‘Jesus comes and gives himself so we can pay off our sin debt, so we never have to worry about God hurting us for our sin.’”

“Crossroads could give to free others’ debt, too, he said. And for every dollar they raised, Crossroad’s partner RIP Medical Debt would leverage that dollar to abolish $100 in medical debt, therefore multiplying the church’s impact.”

“Within a week and a half, members of the Crossroads community donated enough to abolish over $46.5 million in medical debt nationwide.”


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