The Patriot Post® · Wednesday News Executive Summary

By Jordan Candler ·

Above the Fold

THIS BATTLE’S JUST GETTING STARTED: Joe Biden roars back on Super Tuesday, leaves ex-veep in airtight contest for delegates with Bernie Sanders (Fox News)

HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS WASTED: Michael Bloomberg suspends presidential campaign, endorses Biden (Axios)

IDENTITY-THEFT RULING: U.S. Supreme Court gives states latitude to prosecute illegal immigrants (Reuters)

Fake News Media

PART I: Trump campaign sues The Washington Post for “false, defamatory statements” vis-à-vis Russia (The Daily Wire)

PART II: Rep. Devin Nunes sues The Washington Post for Russia-themed “hit piece” (The Daily Wire)


“THE BEGINNING OF WHAT IS HAPPENING ABROAD”: Tensions rise as U.S. death toll from coronavirus reaches 9 (AP)

BETTER LATE THAN NEVER? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will drop limits on virus testing (The New York Times)

Other Notables

FOR THE RECORD: Iran triples its uranium stockpile. IAEA chief realizes Trump’s suspicion of Iran may be correct. (The Daily Wire)

SHOWDOWN WITH TUBERVILLE: Jeff Sessions forced into runoff in Alabama Senate primary (The Federalist)

TENNESSEE TORNADOS: Dozens still missing following storms that killed at least 24 people (The Washington Post)

NON COMPOS MENTIS: Conversion therapy officially banned in Virginia (The Hill)

Closing Arguments

POLICY: Women are winning under President Trump (GOP)

POLICY: How Prager University should fight social-media censorship instead of losing in the courts (The Federalist)

HUMOR: Biden confident after spending Super Tuesday stumping across Iowa: “It seems like a lot of my rivals have completely given up on the state” (The Onion)

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