The Patriot Post® · Hillary Clinton's Unending Effort to Rehab Her Image

By Thomas Gallatin ·

Hillary Clinton is clearly too much of a narcissist to accept the fact that most Americans don’t share her high opinion of Hillary Clinton. After spending the past three years blaming her historic election defeat to President Donald Trump on everyone from the Russians to former FBI Director James Comey to women overly beholden to their husbands or boyfriends, Clinton’s out today with a new Hulu documentary series clearly aimed at rehabilitating her public image.

Simply titled “Hillary,” the hagiography includes Clinton complaining that she is “the most investigated innocent person in America.” Lamenting her supposed mistreatment by the mainstream media — a media machine that clearly favored her over Trump — Clinton complains this goes “all the way back to the Whitewater days.” She insists, “I’ve never understood this and I will got to my grave not understanding it. All these things get disproved, but the press, and I’m talking about the major press, they always bite … and I don’t know why.”

Talk about your textbook example of cognitive dissonance. There is clearly no end to Clinton’s attempt to brand herself as history’s biggest “victim” of bad press.

Honestly, it gets tiresome rehashing the plethora of ways in which Clinton has repeatedly demonstrated her absolute lack of fitness for office, and that’s not including her likely criminal behavior. To put it simply, Clinton’s unlikableness stems in large part from her almost pathological penchant for lying.

Just one example is Clinton’s continuing insistence that her illegal email setup when she served as secretary of state did not break any laws. “When I became secretary of state I decided to use the server that had been set up for Bill and his former president’s office. I did it as a matter of convenience. There was no regulation against it; there was nothing against it. Everybody knew I was doing it because they were all emailing me and I was emailing them and that was hundreds and hundreds of people in government.”

Well, that explanation doesn’t comport with reality, as the FBI not only concluded that Clinton’s home-brew server broke government rules but also determined that her doing so compromised classified information that was subsequently accessed by foreign actors like the Russians and Chinese.

As New York Times chief White House reporter Peter Baker cogently observed, “If [Hillary Clinton] decides it’s an okay thing to do it’s okay. … Anyone who criticizes it must be doing so for illegitimate reasons. They’re partisan. They’re enemies.” And Hillary’s always just minding her own business, being a good girl, when she’s mugged by her political opponents. Right…