The Patriot Post® · What if They Were White?

By Willie Richardson ·

Recently another young person was assaulted in the “inner city” streets. The victim was beaten by 18 young males who thought it was a good day after school to incite violence. However, there is one thing that was left out of the tabloids when this savage beating took place. It’s the very thing that is used in other similar news stories; the one thing that is being used to divide this country at its seams. Skin color.

What happened at the corner of Utica Avenue in Brooklyn, New York, was tragic, but the media painted a mirage.

Let me paint the picture that the media refuses to color. An unidentified black female was seen running on surveillance video from a mob of 18 bloodthirsty black hoodlums in utter fear. The mob of black thugs brutally kicked, punched, and stomped the black female teenager, and then they robbed her of her Air Jordan shoes. Reports say this viciousness was a result of words exchanged during school. Regardless, this assault of 18 goons gone wild beating a defenseless girl is unadulterated savagery! That picture gives a more vivid display than the headlines below:

“Teen girl savagely beaten and robbed by group of boys in Brooklyn”
“Disturbing video shows teen girl beaten, robbed by mob”
“Teen girl beaten, robbed of Air Jordans ‘traumatized’ by assault”
‘Sickening:’ 15-Year-Old NYC Girl Beaten, Robbed in Vicious Teen Mob Street Attack"

Nonetheless, if you were to hypothetically change the skin color of the thugs to “white” and keep the victim as brown skinned, what do you think the tabloids would read?

“18 Savage white boys with ropes nearly kill defenseless black female after school”
“Disturbing video that proves the ongoing legacy of slavery still exists”
“White boys with MAGA hats brutally beat black female for kicks. Pun intended.”
“Sickening: 15-Year-Old Black NYC Girl Beaten, Robbed, in Vicious Hate Crime Attack by White Mob”
“Black Lives Don’t Matter to America”

What happened to this young girl is most certainly deviant. I don’t want to trivialize her emotional and physical misery. A few of the attackers have been turned in by their own mothers. Good! What if their fathers turned them in? Even better.

Why is this proverbial race card used only when the victim or assailant fits the slave narrative? Why won’t this story go viral across social-media platforms? Why will this be another drop in the bucket of violence assaults in the inner city? Why won’t this become a hashtag? I think you know the answer by now. It doesn’t fit the victim narrative the Leftmedia has made this nation believe is true. Fake news has become the reality in the hearts and minds of many Americans. Regardless of the fake news, let’s come together and realize our fullest American potential.