Homebound? Now What?

Here are a few ideas of things to do and things to be thankful for while "social distancing."

Nate Jackson · Mar. 17, 2020

So, thanks to coronavirus, you’re stuck at home, trying to work while also managing kids who are out of school. What do you do?

To help everyone stay calm and sane, as well as simply to offer some good perspective amidst the craziness, here are a few things to consider doing.

Perhaps most importantly, check up on friends and family. Use social media for good. Maybe even use that portable computer you’re holding to call loved ones (radical, we know). Make sure that neighbors have what they need. Offer help when you can, especially for seniors who may not be able to venture out to the store for needed supplies. During a period of “social distancing,” we humans are still geared to need community (yes, even you introverts). If you or someone you know is alone, pay special attention to them.

Go outside. Well, as long as it’s not pouring down rain, as it is this morning at our remote headquarters. Cabin fever is real and everyone needs some fresh air — especially kids. Eventually the skies will clear up, right?

Read books. Been too busy with kids’ sports or other public obligations to pick up that book you started on January 1? Settle back down and read it.

Further your education. There are all sorts of online learning opportunities that you can use to continue learning. Teach your kids basic life skills — like deep cleaning. Never stop learning or sharing knowledge.

If all else fails, there’s always Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, etc. With theaters around the country shutting down, NBCUniversal just announced it will release its current theatrical features on demand at home. Other studios, including Disney, will follow suit.

Here’s one you probably didn’t think of, courtesy of Ben Shapiro: “Buy a gift card. Small businesses are getting crushed right now. Many have been shut by local governments, and even the ones that haven’t are being destroyed by Americans following protocol and staying away from crowds. This means that if you have disposable income, you should seriously consider buying a gift card from a local business and using it later — or shopping online from them. It’s essentially an advance for businesses that could certainly use the hand right now.”

As a final and more personal note, if you’re like the staff here in our humble shop, life is incredibly busy even outside our hectic deadlines. Our jobs and deadlines don’t change even if we are working remotely. But as other parts of life slow down, we’re taking time to give thanks to our Creator for the blessings we may have been too busy to notice. We hope you’ll do the same and that you’ll fill the time wisely.

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