The Patriot Post® · Trump Wins GOP Nomination as Biden Increases Lead Over Sanders

By Thomas Gallatin ·

On the same night that President Donald Trump officially secured the Republican presidential nomination with his overwhelming wins in the Florida and Illinois primaries, Joe Biden unofficially locked in his nomination for the Democrats as he swept the three states holding Democrat primaries — Arizona, Florida, and Illinois. As The New York Times observes, Biden’s “victory over Senator Bernie Sanders effectively snuffed out his rival’s hopes of a comeback.” The only question remaining is when Sanders will concede defeat.

Biden’s success and Sanders’s free-fall can be assigned to a couple reasons. The primary one is that a majority of Americans — and even Democrats for that matter — aren’t onboard with Bolshevik Bernie’s revolution. Secondly, Biden has effectively outmaneuvered Sanders by essentially playing to the party’s hard-left base. Biden has done this by asserting that his real disagreement with Sanders is mostly over “tactics, but we share a common vision.” As The Wall Street Journal reports, “Mr. Biden already is trying to unify the party behind him, endorsing policy proposals related to bankruptcy laws and college tuition in a bid to woo liberals. Mr. Sanders acknowledged last week that he’s losing the ‘debate over electability’ among Democrats.”

So, how long will Sanders hang on? He has thus far remained defiant against calls for his concession and, if 2016 is any guide, he’ll continue to stick it out. In fact, his campaign is accusing Biden’s of lying about coronavirus. Sanders’s national press secretary, Briahna Joy Gray, claimed, “Biden’s campaign has lied repeatedly about the safety of going to the polls. Bernie Sanders is putting the health and safety of the country first. I know who I’m voting for.” Then again, his campaign released a statement that the senator will “assess his campaign” in the coming days. We’re waiting with bated breath.