The Patriot Post® · Video: Democrats Inject Race Into the Chinese Virus

By Media Editors ·

Democrat lawmakers on Capitol Hill have now injected race into the conversation surrounding the Chinese Virus, widely known as COVID-19. Media hysteria is one thing; now the Democrats have dog-piled on top of it with the one subject that most people are afraid to touch.

Rational people would ask a very simple question at a time like this: “What does race have to do with the virus?” And they’d be correct to ask that question. Contrary to popular belief (on the Internet, mostly), certain races of people are not immune to catching the virus. Many have caught it and some have died, just like other viruses that exist in the world.

Race was brought into the conversation through the context of “marginalized” groups lacking access to healthcare. And also the prevalence of certain underlying conditions that specific minority groups tend to have in America. Some may take those assertions as being racist in themselves. Others take it as a serious question to ponder.