The Patriot Post® · Leftmedia's Hypocrisy Exposed With Trump vs. Cuomo

By Thomas Gallatin ·

On Tuesday, New York Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo touted the potential positive developments of a treatment used against the China Virus, and that treatment uses a combination of antibiotic and anti-malarial drugs Zithromax and Chloroquine (hydroxychloroquine).

That happens to be the same drug combination that President Donald Trump noted weeks ago as a possible treatment. (Trump’s reference related to a 2005 report by the National Institute of Health: “Chloroquine is a Potent Inhibitor of SARS Coronavirus Infection and Spread.”) But Trump’s mention of the anti-malaria drug as a possible treatment resulted in him being excoriated by the Leftmedia for spreading dangerous “misinformation.” The Leftmedia even grotesquely sought to blame Trump for the death of a man who foolishly ingested a toxic fish-tank cleaner. Their aim was to shore up the fallacious narrative that Trump is unfit to lead the country through this crisis.

However, as has repeatedly been the case throughout Trump’s time in office, his supposed “misinformation” has often proven to be anything but. Again and again, the Leftmedia is left trying to preserve a narrative that has been turned on its head.

Looking at Leftmedia headlines today, there is no outrage over Cuomo’s comments touting the exact same promising yet anecdotal evidence of hydroxychloroquine that Trump has noted. Why? The answer is obvious: politics.

What’s interesting is to see how the Leftmedia has begun to shift the narrative away from Trump “foolishly misleading the nation” on hydroxychloroquine as a potential treatment, since it is now being used with seemingly successful results, albeit with no definite efficacy conclusions from the medical community. That’s why it is currently being applied in a trial stage.

Now the Leftmedia is seeding a more nefarious narrative — that Trump’s motive for touting the possible treatment benefits of the anti-malarial drug is not due to his desire to save American lives but because he has a financial stake in the drug’s manufacturer. When one is deep in the throes of Trump Derangement Syndrome, one can only conceive of the president’s motives as evil and self-seeking all the time. Since “Orange Man bad” is the governing truism for these folks, any possible good that may come from his decisions must come in spite of his evil intentions, not because Trump genuinely desires to do good by the American people.

Meanwhile, will the mainstream media hold New York City and state leaders to account for decisions made years ago that left the city and state woefully unprepared to handle a pandemic even after they were alerted to this problem? Our guess is that’s not likely. In fact, even New York’s woeful lack of preparedness will ultimately be spun by the Leftmedia into being Trump’s fault. Such is the nature of TDS currently inflicting much the MSM in America today.