The Patriot Post® · Dems See Pandemic as Opportunity for Election Fraud

By Lewis Morris ·

Seeking to push the crisis stirred by the China Virus to its fullest extent, congressional Democrats are trying to enact their agenda by other means. True to form, Democrats blocked aid for small businesses and other needed relief efforts in exchange for old wish-list items that wouldn’t see the light of day in the pre-COVID-19 political climate. Right now, the crown jewel is voting by mail.

For decades, Democrats on the municipal, state, and federal levels have done everything possible to strip away voter laws. They have consistently claimed theirs is an effort to broaden the registered voter base, reverse disenfranchisement of minorities, and get more Americans involved. In truth, every leftist proposal is designed to make the voting process easier to manipulate and bend to an outcome favorable to their ends, not to secure and promote responsible voting.

Democrats and their communications department, also known as the mainstream media, consistently argue that voter fraud doesn’t exist. They regularly challenge in court attempts to clean county and state voter rolls of dead people and convicted felons. There are numerous attempts in several states to register illegal immigrants to vote, and Democrats across the board patently refuse to accept any laws that require identification at polling locations. These issues constantly wind their way through the courts, with Democrats fighting bitterly to prevent any attempt to make voting more secure.

National voting by mail, however, is a new front in this battle that should worry everyone concerned about the future of our republic. The argument now goes that people should be allowed to vote by mail because congregating in public is unhealthy due to the China Virus. The pandemic and the ensuing quarantine represent, they argue, the perfect opportunity/excuse to switch to a national vote-by-mail system.

Proponents of vote-by-mail point to the fact that it is more widespread than people realize. That should not be comforting to anybody. There have already been numerous instances in the last few years that have proven beyond doubt that voting by mail is not a secure method of conducting elections. Post-election analyses in multiple state- and lower-level elections around the country have found that those elections decided by mail-in balloting produced inclusive and even fraudulent results.

Mail-in ballots are much easier to fake or hide than a ballot recorded at a polling station. While most poll workers tasked with counting mail-in ballots are upstanding citizens doing their civic duty, it only takes a few well-placed crooked counters in a well-established crooked county or city to swing a district and ultimately an election with fraudulent counts.

Even if one discounts how easy it is to manipulate mail votes once they’re in the counting room, there are numerous other reasons why national vote-by-mail for the 2020 election will yield disaster. Let’s start with the U.S. Postal Service. The U.S. Election Assistance Commission found in the 2016 presidential election that more mailed-in ballots were misdirected or unaccounted for through the mail than the margin of votes between the two presidential candidates. For every vote Hillary Clinton won nationally, more than two ballots ended up going nowhere and were never returned because of bad addresses or any number of other reasons.

Additionally, switching to a national vote-by-mail scheme for a presidential election that is barely six months away in a country with approximately 160 million registered voters is just asking for trouble. Even The New York Times, which as one might expect is all for the idea, concedes, “Given the decentralized structure of American elections, which are governed by states, counties and even municipalities, shifting to a federally mandated, completely vote-by-mail system for the general election could be impossible both logistically and legislatively.”

The funding is not available to make it work smoothly in so short a time, and the checks and balances are nonexistent — which of course suits Democrats just fine. But even if this mound of evidence is unconvincing, just consider the fact that the idea has support from virtually every elected Democrat in this country and a vast majority of the mainstream media. That should be enough to make plain that national vote-by-mail should not be allowed to happen.