The Patriot Post® · Vernon Jones — Story of a Runaway Democrat Slave

By Patrick Hampton ·

Seeing the truth of the Democrat Party for himself, Georgia State Representative Vernon Jones (D-Lithonia) announced his freedom from the ideological plantation — a move that would not be without blowback from the so-called “party of inclusivity.” Jones endorsed President Donald Trump for reelection, only for fellow Democrats to label him as disgraceful.

The lawmaker initially announced his intention to resign but pulled back after he received immense support. In a bold move, Jones announced his intention to stand his ground. Of course, like good conservatives, we have his back.

I commend him not just for leaving the clutches of progressivism but also for leading the way for others who are harmed most by this generational bigotry. In a recent video, he states, “I will continue to let the Democratic Party know that the bigotry within this party is hurting African Americans — and more and more African Americans are thinking independently.”

Can anyone tell me why in a free society black people are freed from the condemning realities of slavery only to be herded into one way of voting? To those who firmly believe there’s only one party for black people, do you truly embrace freedom of ideas?

What naysayer liberals and progressives who fully support the Democrat Party must understand is this: Like Jones, you, too will be burned at the stake for not being Democrat enough. This cultural exile goes beyond supporting President Trump.

So far, you’re not Democrat enough if you:

Reject abortion
Are a worshiping Christian
Believe in the Second Amendment
Believe marriage is between a man and a woman
Are a wealthy individual
Own a business
Think you’re taxed too much
Reject third-wave feminism

Understand that, to the Democrat Party, should you agree with any of the above, you deserve a proverbial lashing by family, friends, and the rest of the black progressive community. Consider your Official Black Card™ revoked (despite its lack of value).

A word to Mr. Vernon Jones: Welcome. We Patriots are here to embrace your individuality. We invite you to be yourself, without fear of blowback or of being exiled from the people who care about you and what you represent. My hope is that you’ll follow us on our journey along the new underground railroad. It’s our duty as conservatives and believers of ideological freedom to include you in a prosperous America for us all.