The Patriot Post® · FBI Leadership Cabal Targeted Flynn, New Docs Reveal

By Thomas Gallatin ·

Yet another layer of the sinister plot by members of the deep state within Barack Obama’s Justice Department to take down President Donald Trump was exposed on Thursday. Newly released DOJ documents reveal that former FBI leaders targeted and worked to trap Gen. Michael Flynn in a crime even after their investigation found “no derogatory information” to continue targeting him.

It was learned on Thursday that the FBI’s infamous spy/surveillance operation against the Trump campaign over supposed Russian collusion, known as Crossfire Hurricane, had a sub-operation called Crossfire Razor that specifically targeted Flynn for investigation. According to the records, the purpose of Razor was to determine if Flynn “was directed and controlled by” or “coordinated activities with the Russian Federation in a manner which is a threat to national security.”

These documents reveal that the FBI closed its investigation into Flynn after concluding that there was no evidence. According to a memo dated January 4, 2017: “The FBI is closing this investigation. If new information is identified or reported to the FBI regarding the activities of CROSSFIRE RAZOR, the FBI will consider reopening the investigation if warranted.”

However, that same day, former FBI agent Peter Strzok, a lead official on Crossfire Hurricane, sent out a text message to the FBI manager handling the case instructing, “Hey don’t close RAZOR.” Strzok then explains that the FBI’s seventh floor, the top leaders, “need to decide what to do with him [with respect to] the [REDACTED].” This occurred roughly two weeks before the FBI’s informal White House interview with Flynn, the interview used by Robert Mueller’s prosecutors to charge Flynn with having lied to FBI agents — one of those agents being Strzok.

As was learned earlier this week, newly released documents contained hand-written notes from the former FBI chief of counterintelligence, Bill Priestap, revealing the true motive behind this White House interview: entrapment. “What is our goal? Truth/Admission or to get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired? … If we get him to admit to breaking the Logan Act, give facts to [the Justice Department and] have them decide. If we’re seen as playing games, [the White House] will be furious.”

Furthermore, regarding the infamous Flynn interview, recall that former FBI Director James Comey admitted that agents abandoned normal procedures to take advantage of the chaos of Trump’s team transitioning into the White House. The FBI knew Flynn and others wouldn’t be fully up to speed.

So stunning are these latest revelations that it had constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley nearly dumbfounded. “I have been a criminal-defense attorney for decades. I have seen abusive tactics. However, this is one of the most thuggish records I have seen,” Turley marveled. “Most concerning is that they were trying to create a crime, not investigating a crime. The use of Logan only highlights that bias.” He also cogently observed, “There was a time when networks like MSNBC and CNN argued for civil liberties and against such abuses. Now, because such principles would benefit Trump, there is just a shrug with a common mantra ‘everyone does it.’ Yes, abuses occur but that is not license for their commission.” Indeed, the mainstream media has responded by essentially ignoring a scandal that makes Watergate look like child’s play.

It’s clear that Attorney General William Barr was not speaking hyperbolically when he recently stated, “My own view is that the evidence shows that we’re not dealing with just mistakes or sloppiness. There is something far more troubling here. … What happened to [President Trump] was one of the greatest travesties in American history. … Without any basis [the FBI] started this investigation of his campaign, and even more concerning, actually is what happened after the campaign … to sabotage the presidency.”

Finally, Trump weighed in on the scandal yesterday, stating that he “would consider” bringing Flynn back into his administration. He further observed, “It looks to me like Michael Flynn would be exonerated, based on everything that I’ve seen. I’m not the judge, but I have a different kind of power. But I don’t know if anybody would have to use that power. I’ve never seen anything like it. What they did, what they wrote … it’s just disgraceful. … They did everything possible to destroy him. He’s still breathing very strongly. But they hurt him very badly.”