The Patriot Post® · Biden Finally Challenged on Assault Allegations

By Nate Jackson ·

“It is not true,” declared Joe Biden during an interview with MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski this morning. “I’m saying unequivocally, it never, never happened.” That followed a written statement likewise asserting, “This never happened.” It’s the first time Biden has acknowledged allegations that he sexually assaulted Tara Reade in 1993 or that he’s faced direct media questions about a claim that publicly surfaced over a month ago.

“While the details of these allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault are complicated, two things are not complicated,” Biden said in his written statement. “One is that women deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, and when they step forward they should be heard, not silenced. The second is that their stories should be subject to appropriate inquiry and scrutiny.”

In light of that, Brzezinski directly challenged Biden to explain his comments during the Brett Kavanaugh character-assassination attempt. Back in 2018, Biden said, “For a woman to come forward in the glaring lights of focus, nationally, you’ve got to start off with the presumption that at least the essence of what she’s talking about is real, whether or not she forgets facts, whether or not it’s been made worse or better over time.”

Biden responded to being reminded of his own comments with deflection: “Believing women means taking the woman’s claim seriously, and then vet it, and look into it, and that’s true in this case as well.”

Brzezinski wouldn’t let go of the glaring Democrat hypocrisy, however, repeatedly asking Biden to explain why his 2018 standard didn’t apply now. “Are women to be believed unless it pertains to you?” she asked. “Why is it different now? Do you regret what you said during the Kavanaugh hearings?”

Biden dishonestly replied, “What I said during the Kavanaugh hearings was that [Christine Blasey Ford] had a right to be heard. And the fact that she came forward, the presumption would be she’s telling the truth unless it’s proved she wasn’t telling the truth.”

That is absolutely not what Biden or any other Democrat said in 2018. Kavanaugh was guilty until proven innocent, which of course they would never allow him to be. Biden’s standard now is that Reade shouldn’t be given the time of day.

Biden even attacked the media in his written statement for using, well, the 2018 Biden standard for Reade’s allegations. It’s a pity Brzezinski didn’t ask him about that.

He made a show of transparency by calling for a search of the national archives for any reference of any complaint by Reade, though he insists he doesn’t remember “any type of complaint she may have made.” However, while he declared he’s “an open book,” he refuses to allow access or any search of his Senate records held by the University of Delaware. In any case, Reade still has far more substantiation for her story than any of Kavanaugh’s accusers did for their vague, uncorroborated, and outlandish charges.

Frankly, Biden handled himself in the face of withering questioning about as well as anyone could expect from someone whose mental acuity has been in doubt. He categorically denied the charges and confidently asserted no one would be able to find any proof. Reade has not proven her case, and Biden should be legally presumed innocent — just as Kavanaugh should have been. It’s almost like due process is important.

All other considerations aside, this leaves one particularly glaring question, not just for Biden but for the Leftmedia: Why did it take so long for him to say anything?

Perhaps Democrats really are “reaping the whirlwind” Kavanaugh warned about two years ago.