The Patriot Post® · Trump Working to Cut China From Supply Chain

By Thomas Gallatin ·

Way back in August 2019 BC (Before Coronavirus), President Donald Trump called on U.S. companies to “immediately start looking for an alternative to China” for their supply chains. At the time, it was only the latest of Trump’s efforts to combat the Chinese communist regime’s long-running abuse of American companies via China’s unfair trade policies. Trump was really pointing to the fact that China remains one of our nation’s biggest enemies and therefore can’t be trusted. Naturally, his message was widely panned by the mainstream media, though following Beijing’s unleashing of the COVID-19 pandemic onto the world, and the ChiComs’ subsequent propaganda campaign to cover it up and deflect guilt, Trump has been proven correct yet again.

On Tuesday, the Trump administration announced that it is “turbocharging” efforts to spur American businesses to redirect their supply chains out of China and back to the U.S. or to other more friendly and trustworthy nations. As a top U.S. official noted, “This moment is a perfect storm; the pandemic has crystallized all the worries that people have had about doing business with China. All the money that people think they made by making deals with China before, now they’ve been eclipsed many fold by the economic damage [from the pandemic].”

The administration’s “turbocharging” is an effort to create an alliance of “trusted partners” dubbed the “Economic Prosperity Network.” Reuters reports that this alliance “would include companies and civil society groups operating under the same set of standards on everything from digital business, energy and infrastructure to research, trade, education and commerce.”

As officials explained to Reuters, “The U.S. Commerce Department, State and other agencies are looking for ways to push companies to move both sourcing and manufacturing out of China. Tax incentives and potential re-shoring subsidies are among measures being considered to spur changes.”

In light of China’s aggressive and ongoing underhanded tactics of shifting the blame, lying about its knowledge of the virus, and hoarding or producing substandard medical supplies, it’s a welcome development for Trump and the U.S. to lead the world in holding Beijing accountable. This was part of the reason Trump was elected in the first place, and now a majority of Americans are in agreement with the president on China.