The Patriot Post® · 'You Ain't Black!'

By Willie Richardson ·

“You got more questions? If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then YOU AIN’T BLACK!” —Joe Biden

Well, that was fast. I guess its official since an arrogant 77-year-old rich white man says so, “I ain’t black!” Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden told black Americans young and old that they aren’t “black” if they don’t support him in the voting booth come November. Let’s look past the mental delusion of the VP and go deeper into the mind of a “white supremacist.”

First, let’s discover which group of black people VP Biden was speaking to. I’m certain he wasn’t talking to blacks of conservative thought. He was speaking to his most loyal base in America: black liberals. He basically threatened them with shame and guilt if they dare leave the plantation, I mean, political party of the Democrats. It worked too.

Enter the circus show of the black collective to defend their “overseer.” Comedian D.L. Hughley said, “You mad Biden said, ‘You ain’t black!’ I’m mad Trump refused to hang the portrait of the first black president in the Whitehouse!!”

In order to understand what D.L. is saying, you must understand a straw-man argument. A straw-man argument is when you ignore the main argument while building and refuting an argument that was not presented by the opponent. In other words, since D.L. Hughley couldn’t defend Biden’s statement with a straight face, he built an argument about President Donald Trump not hanging Barack Obama’s portrait in the White House. One idea has nothing to do with the other — hence building a straw-man argument to tear down easily.

If you watch carefully, whenever something happens within the black community, immediately the black collective turns a blind eye to their own community problem only to blame someone white for their demise.

Back to the situation at hand.

What would give Biden the unmitigated gall to part his lips and say something like this? Was Biden actually on to something? Do the Democrats actually own the black vote? The simple answer is yes, but why? Sadly enough, black liberal voters are a glutton for political punishment. That Biden’s track record can’t compare to Trump’s doesn’t matter. All that matters is keeping Trump from winning reelection.

The past four years have the Democrats shaking in their boots due to Trump’s administration policies directly impacting black families positively.

  • Pre-COVID, black unemployment was at an all-time low.

  • President Trump established the First Step Act, which righted the wrongs of the 1994 Crime bill … supported by Biden. Thousands of people have been justifiably released from prison.

  • Opportunity Zone legislation opens the door for $75 billion in private-sector funds to come into 8,700 of the poorest communities in America.

  • Opportunity Scholarship Fund bringing in quality education to 25,000 students on waiting lists in charter schools. The scholarships provide resources and a better advantage for urban youth.

  • We’ve reached the highest level of funding for historically black colleges and universities ever. Colleges have permanent funding from now on.

If the Democrat Party has controlled the black minority vote for the past 60 years, there’s a sense of entitlement. If I’m honest, I’m not totally shocked Biden said what he said. If I’m brutally honest, I 100% agree with Biden. Yes, I said it. I agree with every word he said. If you “ain’t” voting Democrat, then you “ain’t black.”

“Black” has become more than a color. It’s an identity, an ideology, and an idol. Biden tapped into the post traumatic slave disorder of the vast majority of the black community. All you have to do is poke the sore spots of liberal blacks and — voila — the emotions erupt. These emotional reactions turn into votes. I’m speaking from experience. I remember times in my liberal minded life that the sight of an old white man walking into an elevator made me cringe. I’d think, “I wonder was he the type that was throwing rocks and expletives at my dad from the school bus passing by?” True story.

Many minority youth grow up hearing racial horror stories of our parent’s childhoods. I’m sure there are racial slurs spewed in many homes in America. Nonetheless, we get indoctrinated with racial tension before we are knee high to a grasshopper. This displaced trauma is triggered by Trump. Not because of who he is, but because of what he represents — the “enemy” called the Republicans.

Biden apologized by saying, “I shouldn’t have been such a wise guy.” That’s not an apology. Besides, he meant every word he said.

(Footnote: I recently started a T-shirt clothing line to challenge Americans to think with our minds and not our skin color. However, I didn’t know Biden would put his liberal foot in his mouth days later. Shop here. Mind above Melanin.)