Trump Trolls Twitter

The social-media giant's "fact-checks" expose its incestuous relationship with the Leftmedia.

Thomas Gallatin · May 27, 2020

For better or worse, President Donald Trump is famous for his trolling of political opponents via Twitter. Furthermore, Trump is notorious for floating dubious conspiracy theories, which unsurprisingly evokes irate responses, most often from members of the media. Ironically, the same people who routinely castigate him for promoting dangerous and unsubstantiated conspiracies refuse to admit that their own incessant promotion of “Russian collusion” was the promotion of a dangerous and unsubstantiated conspiracy.

In any case, what is seemingly continually missed is the fact that Trump loves using Twitter to bait his favorite foil, the Leftmedia, into spitting contests. In other words, Trump intentionally uses social media to pick fights with his opponents in an effort to get them to overreact, which he can then use as evidence exposing their deep political bias. It’s not that Trump doesn’t share genuine opinions regarding the topics he may Tweet about; rather he has an uncanny ability to turn any criticism, whether legitimate or not, against his critics, which serves as an opportunity to highlight his desired issue.

Over the past couple of days, Trump has once again demonstrated this uncanny ability. It started with Trump going after one of his biggest media critics, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, by floating a completely unfounded conspiracy theory that quickly evolved into Trump attacking Twitter for “fact-checking” his unrelated assertions regarding the dangers of mail-in voting. The Leftmedia blasted Twitter for not removing Trump’s unfounded conspiracy smear against Scarborough, which seemed to motivate the social-media giant into “fact-checking” Trump’s claims regarding mail-in voting as “false.”

This was the perfect opening Trump wanted and he pounced: “Twitter is now interfering in the 2020 Presidential Election. They are saying my statement on Mail-In Ballots, which will lead to massive corruption and fraud, is incorrect, based on fact-checking by Fake News CNN and the Amazon Washington Post…” Trump hit two birds with one stone. First, his concern over voter fraud is a legitimate and long-running issue for conservatives. Second, he further exposed the leftist bias of Twitter with its incestuous relationship with Leftmedia “fact-checkers.”

So, instead of the conversation being over Trump’s promotion of a ridiculous conspiracy theory, Trump has effectively spun the focus onto Twitter’s blatant attempt to dictate leftist opinion as “facts” via its use of Leftmedia “fact-checkers” — the same “fact-checkers” who so intentionally botched the biggest conspiracy in American political history — while also shining a spotlight on the Democrats’ push for mail-in balloting, which would open up the 2020 election to massive fraud.

Like it or not, Trump trolls because it’s effective in getting attention on the issues he thinks deserve highlighting.

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