The Patriot Post® · Black Brutality, Deferred

By Patrick Hampton ·

The death of George Floyd was the birth of anarchy as rioters burn Minnesota to the ground. But in light of other unjustifiable crimes, does this incident warrant such rage among the masses?

A five-year-old girl and her two teenage brothers were injured during a drive-by shooting in Chicago. What are their names?

A 12-year-old boy was gunned down in Gary, Indiana, dying in the arms of his twin brother. What was his name?

No, we won’t riot for Kaidence Lasenby. We don’t remember Demetrius Townsel Jr.

We do remember George Floyd, and most certainly Ahmaud Arbury. Trayvon Martin is still remembered today.


The media literate among us know the truth behind the narratives at play. That one of these deaths is not like the other. That when it comes to black lives, the hue of the killer matters more than the total accounts of violence plaguing black communities.

While black people are dying — by way of murder in the streets at their own hands or by abortions in the clinic — our so-called black leaders are hushed. Because what they really want is something other than racial reconciliation. No, their mission isn’t to stop the drive-bys and bullets shattering the windows of the innocent. Instead, what the black progressive elite want is for the hands of white people to be permanently stained with blood, all while the black population dwindles on its own.

Reporters swivel their cameras to zoom in on a single egregious act committed by a single white person. Zoom out to see the big picture and you’ll see that racist, black-on-white murder by police is not what keeps Chicagoans up at night. The FBI’s U.S. homicide data exposes a very different reality than the one shared by mainstream media. Yet their lenses captures a very rare problem with the intent to sell their solution: false peace — a world where white people live in eternal shame.

Sadly, there will be no candlelight vigils or viral fundraisers for the black babies we lost in the crossfire. No memorial for the inner-city deaths over Memorial Day weekend. But more break-ins, busted windows, burning businesses, and looted goods are guaranteed in Minneapolis.

Do you see the full picture yet?

For those possessing the right view, we’re seeing the erosion of the black community, hastening before our eyes. The stereotypes we fought fiercely against are making an ugly resurgence. A certain negative perception of our people is being put on full display. Cities are burning to the ground, perhaps for wealthy progressives to rebuild expensive condos and shopping centers atop the rubble? Who knows.

But what we won’t see from Democrat leaders is a black community that’s truly freed from the spiral of death. No, the perceptions from a fading Jim Crow past are far more interesting for the masses to see.