Joe Biden's Police Marksmanship Tutorial

Advice on how police should handle an "unarmed person ... with a knife."

Mark Alexander · Jun. 2, 2020

The riots consuming some Democrat urban centers across the nation are being perpetrated by opportunists using the unjust death of George Floyd as justification to kill and loot. Amid all that violence comes “sage” advice from Joe Biden on how to solve deadly confrontations between police and “unarmed” assailants.

According to Joe, among all the nonlethal tactics now taught to law-enforcement officers, weapons trainers should be “teaching a cop when there’s an unarmed person coming at ‘em with a knife or something to shoot 'em in the leg instead of the heart…” Yes, he actually said “unarmed person … with a knife.”

That comment is so off target that it begs a response, even though the presumed Demo presidential nominee is Non Compos Mentis.

For the record, years ago I spent the summer between my freshman and sophomore college years at a state police academy getting certified as a uniformed police officer. At that time, as now, the training emphasized nonlethal alternatives to the use of deadly force.

As a 19-year-old, the youngest member of my class, my .357 Colt Python was the first handgun I had ever used, but it was a steady and accurate revolver that made its user a better marksman. On the firing ranges, we were trained that, when shooting at an assailant from any distance with either hand, we should attempt a hit in the “K5” center mass of the target. One afternoon my instructor criticized me roundly because I was taking headshots from the hip at five meters rather than K5 shots. I knew better but still was sternly rebuked by the experienced FBI trainer, who advised me that in a gunfight you always shoot center mass because, under the stress of an assault, that is your best chance at hitting some part of the assailant in order to stop the attack.

One need only turn to YouTube for thousands of videos on police-involved shootings and assaults on police. One video, a shootout between Ohio State Troopers and murder suspects, aptly demonstrates the fact that, under fire, every shot can miss its target. The troopers and assailants fire repeatedly at each other at less than two meters, and all shots missed.

Biden’s “advice” is deadly and demonstrates how out of touch he is with reality. Fact is, the vast majority of Americans, including media talkingheads, politicians, and protesters, don’t have even the most vague concept of the deadly challenges facing cops every day.

Biden and the rest of the Democrat Party notables are all repeating the mantra about ending the “systemic racism” that they insist infests the ranks of every level of our justice system. For the record, this claim of “systemic racism” is a rhetorical caricature of the reality those of us who are or have been law-enforcement officers experience in service to our communities and our nation. There are people who hold racist views on ALL sides, and there is no room for it anywhere, especially among the ranks of those charged with upholding the law. But there is no “systemic racism” in our system of justice.

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