The Patriot Post® · Just How Many Places Has China Infiltrated?

By Harold Hutchison ·

College students are often involved in protests. Sometimes there are arrests, but all too often, not much happens, and they go on with their academic lives. For Drew Pavlou, a student at the University of Queensland, it was a different story.

Pavlou’s “crime” was to protest the People’s Republic of China, for which he was physically attacked. In response, the University of Queensland essentially put him, the victim of an assault, on trial through a Star Chamber process and he was expelled. His school, you see, had a Confucius Institute, which is how Communist China infiltrates universities around the world. But universities aren’t the only places China is infiltrating — and gaining control.

The ChiComs also have their hooks in the United Nations. According to The Washington Free Beacon, China has been trying to gain control of key organizations within the UN (like the World Health Organization), either directly or through stooges.

Why? Because if you control the UN, you wield a lot of political influence, especially in poorer “developing” countries. It becomes easy, for example, to use various UN agencies to influence a country to go along with China’s desires regarding the isolation of Taiwan. In fact, that isolation is enforced by China. But it will cover plenty of other matters.

China’s push for global influence is something former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley saw during her time at the United Nations. The Chinese are always maneuvering, she says, “whether it’s distracting from their own human-rights abuses, manipulating to gain control of UN agencies, or bullying smaller countries to vote their way.” Haley went on to note, “For them perception is everything, and it’s why we can never stop being loud, calling them out, and bringing attention to their behavior.” Trump’s decision to pull out of the WHO is part of the answer, but the UN retains a lot of perceived legitimacy.

When China is working overtime to keep its dirty laundry from being aired in public, and getting help from some American media outlets that want access to China’s market — albeit help obtained through a fair bit of coercion — we face real problems. Why? Because China’s bullying extends beyond countries to the UN itself.

The fact is, dealing with China’s infiltration won’t be easy. The depraved indifference to human life that helped create a pandemic — you could even call it geopolitical psychopathy — also makes pulling off further cover-ups very easy. Exposing China’s infiltration of the UN, though, is one tough task that must be completed for the security of the United States.