The Patriot Post® · Ignoring the Real 'Pandemic' Plaguing Black Americans

By Thomas Gallatin ·

An NBC News report asserted this week, “New York protesters say they are facing two deadly pandemics: racism and coronavirus.” The obtuse piece sought to use New York protesters to juxtapose the threat of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which has claimed the lives of more than 20,000 New Yorkers and 110,000 Americans, with the “need” of black individuals to protest against supposed “systemic racism.” As we have noted repeatedly, hard data simply does not support the Left’s claims of widespread racism, let alone anything even remotely equating to “systemic.”

While the article fell far short of presenting any legitimate conundrum, it did ironically serve to expose the absolute hypocrisy of the leftist Black Lives Matter crusade. One of the leading protest organizers, Chelsea Miller, hit on this hypocrisy without realizing she was doing so. In attempting to address the challenge of protesting during the China Virus pandemic, Miller asserted, “We have reached a crux where we must choose between potentially losing our lives at the hands of the police or the pandemic. In many ways we’re choosing between the lives of our unborn sons and those of our parents.”

Obviously, in referencing the lives of unborn sons, Miller inadvertently alluded to the genuine pandemic — a genocide, in fact, that has been meted out on the lives of preborn babies with decimating effects, especially on the black community, over the decades. Even more tragic is the fact that in New York City, less than half of preborn black babies live to see the light of day. Planned Parenthood may lament “violence against black lives,” but the nation’s largest abortion mill terminates 247 black lives every day — all in service to the eugenics agenda of its venerated racist founder, Margaret Sanger.

In fact, more 20 million black children have been aborted, which is more than the entire black population in America during the 1960’s Civil Rights movement.

Irrespective of what Miller and the Left may claim, there is no pandemic of racist police brutalizing the black community; there is, however, a pandemic of preborn babies being killed in their mothers’ wombs. The ones who survive are often left fatherless, which arguably is another pandemic for the black community.

The sad reality is that the primary threat to the lives of black Americans comes not from COVID-19 or from law enforcement but from other black Americans. Blaming police and faux “systemic racism” are simply a means for deflecting attention away from the real root of problems plaguing so many black communities.