The Patriot Post® · White Guilt: Exposing a Hypocritical Approach to Racism

By Patrick Hampton ·

“They’re not protesting. They’re not making a statement. They’re stealing. When they burn down a building, they’re committing arson. … A handful of criminals and thugs tore up the place.”

In 2015, President Barack Obama said these words as he addressed the Baltimore riots upon the death of Freddie Gray.

But what’s hypocritical is how today’s riots are far more intense than anything America has seen in a couple of decades, yet these heinous acts affecting local businesses aren’t deserving of what truly was a sound and reasonable response from the Left.

Instead, the red carpet is being rolled out for looters and thieves, as people of all colors under the flags of #BLM and antifa take advantage of this massive wave of white guilt.

The mainstream media has officially mastered the art of bringing white liberals to their knees, all in an effort to vindicate one solitary act of violence against one single black man (who without question deserves justice). Meanwhile, they’ll never focus on the bigger picture, the other casualties of this brigade — the victims whose stories will never see the light of day or airtime on news platforms so long as this narrative lives.

So far, at least nine black people were killed in the rioting, but we don’t remember their names. But we thought this was about black lives.

Minority businesses burn to the ground, destroying economic opportunity as people’s life savings turn to ashes. But we thought we were fighting for black people who lacked opportunity by way of systemic racism?

Liberals and socialists feel so guilty that they haul away merchandise while wearing AirPods and Apple Watches. Taking a knee against injustice in the brand new sneakers they stole, these looters freely indulge in the plight of black America for their own gain, recording it all on brand new iPhones.

And in their arrogance, these rioters post their footage on social media, flaunting it as a sort of badge of honor to make their other white friends feel guilty. In intimidation, these types demand that all of their white friends kneel and speak out on behalf of black people, or else their silence equates to “violence.”

The truth of the matter? White guilt in 2020 has more to do with elitism than it does with actually helping black lives.

And now America is on its knees. Kneeling to look good on social media. Kneeling to protect businesses from getting firebombed. Kneeling to save white lives, families, and communities from being destroyed. Local police and even the National Guard are kneeling to hopefully stop the rioting so that some semblance of society will remain. We are kneeling in fear, giving control to something sinister that we do not understand.

I only ask that you kneel to our Almighty God.

Only He knows the truth within each person’s heart. He knows every racist there is. If you want to know if you are one, turn only to Him for the answer.

To all American Patriots who identify as white — do not fall for this charade. Stand up, but not just for yourself. Stand for Americans of all skin colors who, likewise, are fed up with destruction and chaos. And when you do stand, keep your feet on the ground, never again to be swayed by the next divisive mainstream media tactic aimed at bringing White America — no, all of America — down.