The Patriot Post® · Slave-Trader Garb and Juneteenth Flap Reveal Democrat Hypocrisy

By Nate Jackson ·

Politicians of all stripes specialize in opportunistic photo-ops. But Democrats really blew it earlier this week with their display of Kente cloth shawls, which they donned while kneeling for nearly nine minutes to show “solidarity” with black people in the midst of race riots plaguing the nation. For one thing, George Floyd died because a cop kneeled on his neck for nearly nine minutes, so this was, to quote the movie “Animal House,” a “really futile and stupid gesture … on somebody’s part.” Worse, the Kente cloth they wore was the garb of the Ashanti tribe — a tribe that was known for owning and trading slaves. Oops!

If leftists weren’t so busy learning their “history” from the revisionist and race-baiting 1619 Project, they might know that black Africans captured and sold other black Africans to white Westerners, and that there is still an active slave trade in Africa.

Undeterred by such inconvenient facts, Democrats know that their allies in the Leftmedia won’t ever call them on this hypocrisy. Instead, the media’s busy screaming about how President Donald Trump would dare to hold his first 2020 campaign rally since BC (Before Coronavirus) next Friday, June 19. It’s known as “Juneteenth,” the date when the last American slaves in Texas were truly freed in 1865.

Juneteenth is a recognized holiday in 47 states. What are the odds that congressional Democrats use this year to push for it to be a federal holiday?

Never mind that the Republican Party freed the slaves, or that the modern party, currently led by Trump, is doing more to actually help blacks on meaningful policy issues than its Democrat counterparts. Democrats think they own black votes.

It’s true that Tulsa was the site of arguably the most horrific racial violence in our nation’s history, though the truth about those events remains murky. On May 31 and June 1, 1921, whites (most likely KKK Democrats) rioted, attacked and looted black-owned businesses, and killed at least two dozen and perhaps as many as 300 blacks (between 10 and 50 whites were also killed). But Trump’s M.O. is to tweak the Left like this. If anyone argues that he blew it, we’d simply note the irony that, as we’ve said before, in this respect he actually behaves like Democrats.

Apparently, none of them noticed that their kneeling charade was to show solidarity with blacks who rioted, attacked and looted black-owned businesses, and killed 17 blacks — not counting the murders in inner cities that occur nearly every day.

So what’s their message? Rioting, looting, and murder is okay when black Democrats do it?

Keep all this in mind as well when you read about the raging kerfuffle over military bases named after Confederate officers, toppling Confederate monuments, or NASCAR banning the flying of Confederate flags at its races.

In other words, which party benefits more from revising history and fomenting racial division? Your first clue would be how political strategists and media pundits keep churning these controversies.

Update 6/15: Trump has delayed his Tulsa rally until June 20 to “honor” requests that he avoid Juneteenth.

Update 6/17: We now have an honest-to-goodness Leftmedia “fact check” confirming that, yes, Kente cloth was worn by African slave traders.