(Gay) Pride and Persecution

"Equal rights" was never going to be enough for the insatiable radicals of the far Left.

Robin Smith · Jun. 29, 2020

Americans need to understand that there is never a point at which Marxist leftists are satisfied, and their demands are ever-changing and escalating.

Andrew Sullivan’s recent analysis in the New York Magazine’s Intelligencer — “When Is It Time to Claim Victory in the Gay Rights Struggle?” — is thus instructive on many points. Sullivan, who is homosexual and considers himself generally conservative/libertarian (though of the Beltway variety), marvels over how “every single goal the gay-rights movement set out to achieve in my lifetime has now been won.” In fact, he says, “There’s no evidence that we cannot get into colleges or cannot succeed in the workplace. Are we more likely to be murdered or attacked? Nope. The alleged epidemics of violence against gay men and trans women of color evaporate on inspection.” Homosexuals can marry, serve in the military, and enjoy expanded protections in the workplace. “The formal and legal obstacles to gay and transgender equality,” he opines, “have been entirely removed.”

Sullivan observes that this sweeping success creates a dilemma among activist groups and coalitions that seek to remain relevant. He asks, “What conceivable project is now worth the huge amounts of money that sustains these groups?” While he surmises that many of these groups will broaden their focus to include other minority groups, he points out that some will try to maintain that gays and lesbians are still “the objects of widespread hate.” To this Sullivan responds, “But the answer to this is not deepening an embrace of victimhood, but developing the strength to withstand these slurs, to pity the bigoted rather than be intimidated by them. As Eleanor Roosevelt is believed to have said: ‘No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.’”

The truth is that the Rainbow Mafia is doing the persecuting. Winning “equal rights” was not enough; now dissenters must be punished.

Applying this lesson to the conversation on race is interesting. There are problems we need to address, but at what point will the outcome be satisfactory to the radicals? Will cutting out law enforcement and replacing it with “social justice” warriors to keep the peace be enough? Will setting up autonomous occupational zones with communal living and no personal property be enough? Will there be a time when our society sees the changes made and declares a truce, or should we expect agitation, aggravation, and activism forevermore? And like Sullivan says of the “gay rights” complex, what will become of the money pit of racism groups at that point?

Oddly enough, those who fight so diligently for “social justice” for some groups encourage the persecution and denunciation of the one group that has endured such things for millennia. While bias and mockery are stamped out for those with politically driven, anti-Biblical, 21st-century views, Christians know that there won’t be a time when persecution, name-calling, or scoffing ceases. In fact, a study released by the Pew Research Center last year found that Christian persecution in the world rose dramatically from 2007 to 2017. Hostilities toward Christians in the U.S. rose significantly as well.

Christians are called to care for the “least of these” in any segment of society. While we stand for the unjustly persecuted, the preborn, and the poor and neglected, we need to remember the advice to stand strong. “Blessed is the man,” said the Apostle James, “who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.” Those are encouraging words as we seek to withstand the persecution of the victorious and vengeful Rainbow Mafia.

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