Tuesday News Executive Summary

NYPD budget cuts, Dems' healthcare politics, another CHOP murder, and more.

Jordan Candler · Jun. 30, 2020

Above the Fold

  • “New York mayor Bill de Blasio has agreed to $1 billion in cuts to the NYPD as part of the city’s budget for the upcoming fiscal year,” National Review reports. “In the midst of massive George Floyd demonstrations and calls by activists to defund the police entirely, de Blasio has faced pressure from City Council members to enact reforms to the department. While initially skeptical, the mayor has agreed to certain cuts to the NYPD’s $6 billion budget.” Suffice it to say, cutting one-sixth of the NYPD’s allowance will further aggravate its retirement exodus.

  • According to The Hill, “The House on Monday passed a bill to expand the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as Democrats seek to hammer President Trump and Republicans on health care heading into the November elections. The legislation, which passed in a largely party-line vote of 234 to 179, would increase the 2010 health law’s subsidies that help people afford their premiums and add more federal funding for Medicaid expansion. Democrats timed the vote to contrast with the Trump administration’s legal brief filed with the Supreme Court last week calling for the ACA to be struck down, a move Democrats said would be even more harmful during the coronavirus pandemic.” But as Rep. Kevin Brady put it, “Today’s vote is a messaging vote. It’s political. Politics should not control how we write health care policy.”

Government & Politics

  • Supreme Court says Constitution protects Montana scholarship program that indirectly funds religious schools (CNBC)

  • Pentagon says there’s “no corroborating” evidence to support New York Times report on Russian bounties (Fox News)

  • Twitch and Reddit crack down on Trump-linked content (Politico)

  • Democratic National Committee tweets then deletes post linking Trump’s Mt. Rushmore event to “glorifying white supremacy” (Fox News)

  • Supreme Court refuses to block upcoming federal executions (AP)

  • John Hickenlooper condemned by liberal groups after photo of him dressed as Native American surfaces (Washington Examiner)


  • Department of Health and Human Services secures new supplies of the coronavirus therapeutic drug remdesivir (HHS.gov)

  • “Our luck may have run out”: California’s case count explodes — Los Angeles County, which has been averaging more than 2,000 new cases each day, surpassed 100,000 total cases on Monday (The New York Times)

  • Jacksonville, Florida, to require face masks to slow rising coronavirus cases (CNN)

  • China study warns of possible new “pandemic virus” from pigs (Reuters)

Culture & Heartland

  • At long last, black man is charged with felony assault after attacking Macy’s employee in viral video (Disrn)

  • First of four cops charged in the death of George Floyd will plead not guilty to second-degree murder and manslaughter (UK Daily Mail)

  • Why no outrage? Atlanta shootings surge, but it’s not the cops (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

  • Latest Seattle CHOP shooting kills 16-year-old boy, critically wounds 14-year-old boy — both of whom are black (Fox News)

  • Rainbow Mafia lawyers already using Supreme Court ruling to demand hysterectomies for men (The Federalist)


  • China passes security law giving it sweeping powers over Hong Kong (The New York Times)

  • ChiComs cut Uighur births with IUDs, abortion, and sterilization (AP)

  • Russia denies nuclear plant leaks as mysterious radiation spike reported over northern Europe (Washington Examiner)

Other Notables

  • Conservative groups see abortion ruling as catalyst for reelecting Trump (Politico)

  • The Daily Beast tries to cancel Van Jones for being effective (The Federalist)

  • John Wayne’s family has defended the screen icon amid calls for his name to be removed due to “racist” comments made in 1971 (UK Daily Mail)

  • Why West Virginia hasn’t canceled its Democrat senator from the KKK (RealClearInvestigations)

Closing Arguments

  • Policy: Why rioters will eventually turn their rage on Christianity if not stopped (The Federalist)

  • Policy: Chief Justice John Roberts’s lack of courage is damaging the Supreme Court (National Review)

  • Humor: Crest introduces new socially conscious tooth-blackening paste (The Babylon Bee)

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