An Independent Independence Day

During a time of national turmoil, pause to consider and truly celebrate real Liberty.

J. Adams Clymer · Jul. 2, 2020

“Independence forever.” —John Adams

In a couple of days, we will mark the 244th birthday of the United States of America. Our great nation is guaranteed to experience that anniversary like never before since so many government-sponsored celebrations are canceled or curtailed. From China Virus, “mostly peaceful” violent riots, fascist “antifascists,” destruction of historic statuary, defacing of national symbols, looting, arson, murder, anarchy, tyranny, government shutdowns, and other mayhem, evildoers have set the agenda so far.

It is time to change that narrative. It is time to have an independent Independence Day.

It is time to show the radicals and, indeed, the world that we are still a nation that believes in Rule of Law, not the rule of men. It is time to show that Patriots are the overwhelming majority and that we are willing and able to stand for precious Liberty, purchased by much blood, sweat, tears, and treasure. Let us honor that legacy like never before.

How did our forebears celebrate?

They fervently prayed for wisdom, guidance, and strength.

They heartily ate, drank, and toasted.

They boldly bedecked anything and everything in red, white, and blue.

They loudly played and sang patriotic songs.

They proudly held picnics, barbeques, block parties, parades, massive bonfires, and glorious fireworks.

They solemnly read and honored the Declaration of Independence, the Signers, and the Committee of Five.

They fired a 13-gun salute at daybreak and again at nightfall.

They fired the Salute to the Union, one gun for each state.

Just as we didn’t need government to celebrate Passover, we don’t need government to celebrate Rule of Law. We are independent thinkers, independent doers, and independent achievers. During this long holiday weekend, take inspiration from our forebears for the boldest, loudest, brightest, and grandest independent Independence Day celebrations ever.

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