China Subjugates Hong Kong

Beijing's new "security law" strips Hong Kong of its freedoms and autonomy.

Thomas Gallatin · Jul. 2, 2020

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) legislature effectively eliminated Hong Kong’s legal autonomy this week, stripping the island’s 7.5 million residents of their freedoms guaranteed under the “one country, two systems” agreement in the 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration. China’s new national-security law effectively removes Hong Kong’s autonomy, paving the way for communist subjugation and the instillation of Beijing’s authoritarian tyranny.

In typical propaganda fashion, Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam, a Beijing puppet, ridiculously asserted that the new law “only targets an extremely small minority of offenders while the life and property as well as various legitimate basic rights and freedoms enjoyed by the overwhelming majority of citizens will be protected.”

The Wall Street Journal reports, “The legislation also outlaws secessionism, subversion, ‘terrorist activities’ and ‘collusion’ with foreign forces, all defined so broadly that nearly anything but unconditional obedience to Beijing may be deemed illegal. It also forbids ‘provoking by unlawful means hatred among Hong Kong residents towards the Central People’s Government or the Government of the Region, which is likely to cause serious consequences.’ The maximum punishment is life in prison.” Tellingly, and in Nancy Pelosi’s fashion, Beijing passed the new law before anyone in Hong Kong had a chance to even read it.

Another target of the law is foreigners. No longer will journalists, human-rights activists, or businessmen enjoy protection under Hong Kong’s now-eliminated free-speech rights. Communist authorities will now go after foreigners who run afoul of the CCP’s tight thought control.

Now Taiwan finds itself squarely in China’s crosshairs, as CCP leader Xi Jinping has increasingly ramped up pressure on the island nation in his bid to eventually draw it into the mainland’s fold. In fact, Beijing not-so-subtly warned Taiwan against supporting Hong Kong’s people, alluding to a Chinese military intervention as a possible outcome. At least it should now be crystal clear — if it wasn’t already — that Taiwan cannot trust any of Beijing’s assurances.

As Americans celebrate our nation’s birth this weekend, let us take time to reflect on just how blessed and special our nation really is. Let Hong Kong serve as a sober warning not to take Liberty for granted, and let us commit ourselves to stand up and to fight against those who would seek to destroy it.

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