The Patriot Post® · Wednesday Executive Summary

By Jordan Candler ·

Above the Fold

  • “There are two key takeaways from the outcome of Tuesday’s primaries in Alabama, Maine and Texas,” Doug Schoen writes at Fox News. “First, the big winner of the night was President Trump. Several Trump-backed candidates defeated their opponents and unquestionably benefited significantly from the president’s support. The most notable of these was former Auburn University football coach Tommy Tuberville, who defeated former senator and attorney general Jeff Sessions for the GOP nomination for a U.S. Senate seat in Alabama. Tuberville will face Democratic Sen. Doug Jones, considered a highly vulnerable incumbent. Second, Democratic primary results show the party is deeply divided, complicating the Democrats’ path to winning majority control of the Senate and defeating Trump in the November election.” Let’s hope so.

  • Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel warns: “Today is Tax Day, which serves as a fitting reminder that with less than four months until the November election, never has there been a clearer contrast between two candidates’ tax plans as exists between President Trump and Joe Biden. … Over 80% of middle-income Americans saw a tax cut thanks to President Trump, with lower-middle-class households actually experiencing the largest tax cut. Nearly 30 million American households are now better off taking the simpler standard deduction, which the president and Republicans doubled — a change that saves taxpayers $5 billion each year. … President Trump’s record of economic results stands in stark contrast to what would happen if Joe Biden ever managed to stumble out of the basement and into the Oval Office. We need not guess what Tax Day would look like under a President Biden — all the positive effects of tax relief would evaporate in an instant. He has said so himself.”

Government & Politics

  • Just in time for Tax Day, Joe Biden unveils his $2 trillion AOC-fueled Green New Deal energy agenda (New York Post)

  • “They have called me a Nazi and a racist”: Bari Weiss quits New York Times after bullying by colleagues over views (Fox News)

  • “The underlying reasons for the split are pretty self-evident”: Andrew Sullivan, who (rationally) believes in genetic differences between races, to leave New York Magazine (The Hill)

  • No biggie: Conference of Mayors backs reparations that could cost $6.2 quadrillion, or $151 million per descendant (Washington Examiner)

  • Trump prudently overhauls key environmental law to speed up pipelines and other projects (NPR)

  • Andrew Cuomo takes heat over internal nursing home report, which backs up his own theory on nursing home deaths (Fox News)

  • CNN’s Tapper unloads on Cuomo, calls for an end to the insane victory lap (The Resurgent)

  • The media don’t just overpraise Democrat governors; they overpraise the wrong ones! (National Review)

National Security

  • “Hong Kong will now be treated the same as mainland China”: Trump rips Biden, sanctions China for Hong Kong “security” law (Washington Examiner)

  • China threatens response after U.S. sanctions (NPR)

  • Despite escalating Taliban-government violence, U.S. closes five military bases in southern and eastern Afghanistan as part of peace deal (Fox News)

The Latest on COVID-19

  • German study: Almost no coronavirus spread at schools that reopened (

  • “We’ve never seen everything go perfectly”: Is too much hope being put into a coronavirus vaccine? (Yahoo News)

  • On the other hand, a tuberculosis vaccine may protect against infection (UPI)

  • Moderna Phase 1 results show coronavirus vaccine safe, induces immune response (Reuters)

  • Travel from New York City seeded the nationwide crisis, research shows (Washington Examiner)

  • More collusion: Wuhan lab that researches COVID-19 won’t be visited by WHO investigators looking into origin of virus (Independent)

Business & Economy

  • Seattle just passed a new tax on jobs in the middle of an economic crisis — but exempted government workers (Foundation for Economic Education)

  • Putin’s celebratory vodka on hold: Court halts Dakota Access Pipeline shutdown as legal fight goes forward (NPR)

  • Coronavirus costs Delta Air Lines nearly $6 billion in the second quarter (NPR)

  • Apple wins major tax battle against EU; second-highest court invalidates $14.8 billion tax bill (Fox Business)

Culture & Heartland

  • An already outrageous prosecution in Atlanta turns scandalous: Embattled District Attorney Paul Howard is suspected of issuing fraudulent grand jury subpoenas (Power Line)

  • Media blackout notwithstanding, black leaders rally to save Washington, DC’s, Emancipation Memorial (The Daily Signal)

  • New York City black activists call on de Blasio and city council to “take your handcuffs off of the police” (Washington Examiner)

  • Judge denies bail for alleged pimp Ghislaine Maxwell, sets trial in sexual abuse case for July 2021 (The Daily Caller)

  • Federal judge rejects Harvey Weinstein’s inadequate $19 million settlement with alleged victims (NPR)

  • In Tennessee, court halts “arguably the most conservative, pro-life piece of legislation in the country” 45 minutes after it was signed (Forbes)

  • Federal judge permanently voids Georgia “heartbeat” abortion restriction; governor to appeal (WRCB)

  • San Francisco Museum of Modern Art curator resigns after he is accused of racism for saying he would still collect art from white men (Reason)

Other Notables

  • “Jaw-dropping” global crash in children being born — but isn’t that what ecofascists want? (BBC)

  • Wave of violence overwhelms NYC: Contrary to what Bill de Blasio and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez suggest, criminal behavior is not an economic phenomenon (City Journal)

  • Under President Trump, Americans are breathing cleaner air (Andrew Wheeler)

  • Most “dreamers” broke U.S. law on purpose to get ahead in the citizenship line (The Federalist)

  • Former VA health worker pleads guilty to murdering seven veterans with insulin poisoning (Military Times)

Closing Arguments

  • Policy: Culmination of a genocide: The conversion of Hagia Sophia is the end of secular Turkey (Washington Examiner)

  • Policy: Vaccine hopes — and realities: Since effective mass immunization is not imminent, we must deal with the prospect of continued COVID infection (City Journal)

  • Humor: CDC admits to using Common Core math to add up new COVID cases (Genesius Times)

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