The Patriot Post® · Netflix Pushes Transgender Agenda With Kids Show

By Thomas Gallatin ·

A recently released kids show on Netflix, “The Baby-Sitters Club,” includes a “transgender” girl — otherwise known as a biological boy — character called Bailey. Of course, in today’s Hollywood, there can be no actors playing roles that don’t comport with their real-life identity, so the young actor playing Bailey happens to be a nine-year-old boy, Joseph Shappley, who 18 months ago began self-identifying as a “transgender” girl by the name Kai. The whole thing is another sad example of entertainment as indoctrination.

Kimberly, Joseph’s mother, came to see her son as “transgendered” after she found him wearing babydoll panties to bed. Following this discovery she claimed, “I realized I could no longer ignore something very real about my child: My son, born Joseph Paul Shappley, is a girl.”

No, he’s not.

To further confuse the issue and keep in lock-step conformity with the Rainbow Mafia’s culturally destructive agenda, Joseph’s mother claims to be a “conservative Christian with strong Republican values” who is “an active member of our local church” and who never supported or condoned “those living the LGBTQ lifestyle.” Somehow, it hasn’t dawned on Kimberly that by refusing to recognize her son’s biological reality she is in fact actively rebelling against God’s authority. That is not a position in which a genuinely Bible-believing Christian is free to stand.

The issue with the Netflix show is the continued campaign by the Rainbow Mafia to indoctrinate the next generation into accepting as perfectly normal the depravity of “transgenderism.” To highlight that the propaganda is the point, one of the show’s writers, a so-called “transgender” individual named Rose Dommu, says, “This simple breakdown gives the show’s young viewers a powerful tool to shape their worldview. Maybe the children really are our future.” Indeed they are, and that’s why the rest of us must stand against this insidious indoctrination.

As we have noted in the past, what these “progressives” are doing is child abuse, because the promotion of an obvious and outright lie regarding biological reality results in needless emotional, psychological, and physical damage to these children.

Human sexuality is not merely a social construct, as the Rainbow Mafia claims. Every society throughout history has recognized that an individual’s gender “identity” is inextricably tied to their biological reality. To assert otherwise is to engage in the absurd, but that is exactly where we find ourselves today.