The Patriot Post® · An Entitled Generation of Protesters

By Douglas Andrews ·

Antifa is mostly young, mostly male, mostly white, mostly privileged, and thoroughly despicable. But these thugs also have something else in common: leftism. There are no MAGA hats in an antifa mob.

Another thing these anarchists may have in common is a rotten upbringing — either by their parents, or by their educational system, or by their community at large. Or by all three.

As The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh asks, “What happens when you take a generation of people, carefully instill in them an overriding sense of entitlement, give them lives of immeasurable comfort and ease, grant them every right and liberty known to man, but then at the same time tell them, somehow, incredibly, that they are oppressed — and then finally, after decades of this sort of schizophrenic conditioning, grant them free rein to express their confused and unearned rage in whatever way they desire, including felony vandalism and assault?”

Answer: You get pointless anger. You get antifa. And you get cesspools of leftist anarchy like Seattle and Portland.

Walsh goes on to describe the ordeal of a young “activist” named Julia Clark, who’s neither male nor white, but who certainly seems privileged by a middle-class upbringing. In a lengthy tweetstorm with accompanying videos, Julia lets out her frustration with people in cars who kept driving down roads that she and her fellow activists had tried to close. The nerve.

“As we blocked streets,” she writes, “certain drivers got annoyed and attempted to maneuver their way around us. This particular white woman tried to cut through a gas station. Me and a couple other protestors stood in front of her car and demanded she turn around. Instead she steps on the gas.”

Clark then shows us video of the terrified woman trying to go around the protesters, who then jump on the hood of the woman’s car. Clark describes this scene, which we see with our own eyes, as the woman “running them over.”

Scenes like this are relatively commonplace these days, but they don’t all end well. Take the case of Garrett Foster, for example, who recently brought his AK-47 to a Black Lives Matter protest in Austin, Texas.

“He can be seen on camera earlier in the evening,” Walsh writes, “gloating that the opposition ‘are too big of [obscenities] to stop and do anything.’ Shortly after speaking those words, he would be dead. It is still not clear exactly what happened. Video captures the mob of protesters marching through the street and then stopping to run towards and swarm a vehicle that tried to continue driving. Foster approached with the mob and soon shots rang out. The driver says he fired because Foster pointed the AK-47 at him. Foster’s fellow protesters dispute that claim.”

Of course they do.

But hopefully, at least this group of spoiled-rotten young protesters has learned a valuable lesson about human behavior: Not everyone will cower to an act of terrorism. Some of us will defend ourselves. The driver of that vehicle, Daniel Perry, is one such person. He’s an active duty U.S. Army sergeant from North Texas. Perry’s attorney says that Foster approached his client brandishing the rifle, then raised it toward Perry, who then fired multiple times in self defense.

It’s hard to imagine criminal charges being brought against Perry. And even harder to imagine him being convicted by a jury of his law-abiding peers.