The Patriot Post® · A Tale of Two Congressional Women

By Nate Jackson ·

One woman is an immigrant who repeatedly utters anti-Semitic slurs, has committed campaign-finance violations and immigration fraud, advances a radical leftist agenda, and clearly hates America despite taking refuge here. One woman calls out the monolithic groupthink among blacks, attacks a socialist billionaire, and has spoken favorably of a nutty but harmless conspiracy theory.

Guess which one gets utterly trashed by the media?

The second — a Republican woman, of course. That would be Marjorie Taylor Greene, the construction executive who just won the GOP primary to replace the retiring Tom Graves in Georgia’s 14th Congressional District. Graves last won with more than 76% of the vote, so the seat is virtually assured to stay red. Nevertheless, Greene is awfully rough around the edges, especially regarding her unfortunate support for the fringe “QAnon” conspiracy theory — the idea that Donald Trump is fighting a cabal of devil-worshiping child-trafficking deep-staters. Yes, there’s a deep state, but QAnon folks take 10% substance and blow it up beyond reason. (You can read more here.)

The universally repeated allegation that Greene is racist, however, is preposterous. The Leftmedia’s examples? Greene called socialist billionaire financier George Soros a “Nazi,” which, given his personal background and funding of leftist causes, is at least defensible, even if he is ethnically Jewish. Either way, saying so isn’t “racist.”

Greene says blacks “are held slaves to the Democratic Party.” We’ve made the same argument. Why it’s racist to point out that upwards of 90% of blacks vote Democrat while it’s not racist to tell blacks they have to vote Democrat (as Joe Biden did) is not explained by the media.

Finally, Greene warns of an “Islamic invasion” into government offices by people like Minnesota Democrat Ilhan Omar. That’s not racist either. Nor is it necessarily “Islamophobic,” because what Omar stands for is the dismantling of American institutions, an agenda informed by both her religious and radical leftist beliefs.

Which brings us back to Omar, the first woman we mentioned up top.

Omar, the prominent member of “The Squad” of four radical leftist congressional freshmen (ahem, women), likewise handily won her primary in Minnesota’s 5th District Tuesday despite a far worse record than even the harshest portrayal of Greene. In a D+26 district, Omar’s November victory is practically assured.

Remember, Omar is a Muslim refugee from Somalia who engaged in a sham marriage to her brother to flout U.S. immigration law. She’s a tax cheat and home-wrecker who has funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign donations to her current and third husband, whom she stole from his former wife. She’s made repeated anti-Semitic comments while condemning America as a racist backwater.

The real trouble, however, is that Omar channels her hatred for America into calls for a Marxist revolution. And “the trouble with the Fifth District,” says Power Line’s Scott Johnson, “is that Omar faithfully represents the DFL [Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party] activists that dominate it.”

But hey, Omar got Nancy Pelosi’s endorsement and cash, so she’s not nearly as bad as a construction executive from Georgia, right?