Biden Taps Harris for President

After backing himself into a corner, Biden made the only "safe" choice available.

Thomas Gallatin · Aug. 12, 2020

In a not-so-surprising development yesterday, Joe Biden announced California Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate. After having backed himself into a corner (of his basement) with his decision to limit his choice to a woman of color, Biden’s options narrowed considerably, eventually leaving Harris as the “safest” bet. We guess Michelle Obama turned him down.

Just days ago, rumors swirled that Susan Rice, Barack Obama’s former national security advisor, was Biden’s top choice, yet with findings from John Durham’s criminal investigation into the origins of the Russia-collusion hoax expected to be revealed soon, she was too much of a political liability. As Mark Alexander explains, “Rice is a political hack, the principal co-conspirator with Hillary Clinton’s campaign in the setup of LTG Michael Flynn, which enabled the Democrats to launch their coup d'état charade to take down Donald Trump. She was also the primary architect of then-Secretary of State Clinton's 2012 Benghazi cover-up to protect Obama’s reelection campaign.”

That said, Harris herself is anything but a scandal-free choice. With her checkered history as California’s attorney general, the Democrat Party’s increasingly hard-left base hasn’t exactly warmed up to her. Exhibit A was the reaction from Bernie Sanders’s former national press secretary, Briahna Joy Gray, who groused, “We are in the midst of the largest protest movement in American history, the subject of which is excessive policing, and the Democratic Party chose a ‘top cop’ and the author of the Joe Biden crime bill to save us from Trump. The contempt for the base is, wow.” Indeed, Harris does little to satiate the anti-police demands of the Marxist Black Lives Matter crowd.

Regardless, Biden’s pick of Harris holds greater significance than normal given the expectation that she will assume the presidency at some point should Biden win the election. He’s 77 and in a terrible state of mental decline, so, to put it simply, a vote for Biden is in reality a vote for a Harris presidency.

Now that Biden has chosen Harris, it was predictable and even amusing to witness the Leftmedia’s propaganda machine spin up a (pardon the term) whitewashed and glowing portrait of her. NBC News may have provided one of the most poignant examples, as it declared Harris a “pragmatic progressive” coupled with a Vogue-esque image of her from 2004. It’s clear that the mainstream media will now do everything in its considerable power to portray Harris as the reason a vote for the fast-declining Biden is a safe bet. Furthermore, the media will vehemently discourage any real dive into her history, a cursory review of which reveals that Harris is little more than a brazen political opportunist, as typified by her decision to join the ticket with a rich, old white man she essentially accused of both racism and sexual assault.

Stay tuned as Mark Alexander will delve more deeply this afternoon into Biden’s decision and the implications Harris will have on his campaign and the election.

Correction: Biden is 77, not 78 as we originally stated. He just seems older, you know…

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