So, Educating Your Child Is Now 'Oppression'

If white parents dare supplement their children's education, that is "white privilege" and perpetuates "oppression" of black people.

Mark Alexander · Aug. 13, 2020

In July, Patriot Post analyst Arnold Ahlert provided a good summary of how a growing number of parents are coping with “distance learning,” specifically forming “education pods” for their children. These are basically micro-school groups, “clusters of 3-6 families with similar aged (and sometimes same-school) children co-quarantined with each other, who hire one tutor for in-person support for their kids.”

The fact that parents are supplementing their children’s education, apart from the control and supervision of the government school cartels and their union commissars, is a frontal threat to that control. The Washington Post protested this loss of statist control in an article, “The huge problem with education ‘pandemic pods,’” complaining, “When parents with privilege open their checkbooks and create private one-room schoolhouses for their children, they follow a long pattern of weakening the public education system” with “potentially disastrous results for communities currently — and perpetually — in the crosshairs of this country’s oppression.”

In other words, if groups of parents, especially white parents, dare supplement the education of their children during the CV19 lockdowns, they are exercising “white privilege” and perpetuating “oppression” of black people.

As Atlanta “learning specialist” and social justice whiner Clara Totenberg Green protests: “Paradoxically, at a time when the Black Lives Matter movement has prompted a national reckoning with white supremacy, white parents are again ignoring racial and class inequality when it comes to educating their children. As a result, they are actively replicating the systems that many of them say they want to dismantle.”

That’s right. If you provide supplemental education opportunities for your children, you are wantonly undermining the objectives of the BLM Marxists. The bureaucratic mindset of these “educators” is so detached from reality, so saturated in bubble group sick think, that it defies any rational and logical explanation.

The latest entry in this Orwellian condemnation of parents comes from the Beltway suburb of Fairfax, Virginia, where unions have made sure schools are still not open to students. Consequently, parents had requested permission to hire local teachers as tutors for their kid pods. Administrators of the $3 billion Fairfax County Public Schools responded, “While FCPS doesn’t and can’t control these private tutoring groups, we do have concerns that they may widen the gap in educational access and equity for all students.” Thus, “FCPS cannot accommodate such requests.”

Got that? No doubt they would like to “control these private tutoring groups.” Shame on all of you for demonstrating more than the average interest in the welfare of your children’s education. Oh, and you homeschoolers are totally guilty of “widening the gap in educational access and equity.” For the record, the vast majority of these parents are not wealthy, but most have the benefit of being married, and all sacrifice greatly for love of their children.

In case you missed it, earlier this week Thomas Gallatin wrote on another union concern with online education. While most teachers are uniformly devoted to their students, leftist teachers, who regularly indoctrinate children with their demented worldview, are worried parents might be listening in on their classes. I highly recommend it!

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