The Patriot Post® · Trump Condemns Leftist Violence in Kenosha

By Thomas Gallatin ·

President Donald Trump didn’t heed the politically motivated urging of Wisconsin Democrat Governor Tony Evers against coming to Kenosha. Instead, Trump visited the city Tuesday to view its devastation following three days of Marxist Black Lives Matter rioting. Evers, hawking the Democrats’ false narrative of blaming Trump for the violence and rioting that has roiled longtime Democrat-run cities, had the temerity to claim that Trump’s “presence will only hinder our healing” and “delay our work to overcome division.” The truth is that the ones hindering healing and overcoming division are Democrat city leaders whose conflation of antifa and BLM rioting with “mostly peaceful protests” and steadfast refusal to act has allowed for the devastation.

Viewing the destruction in Kenosha, Trump bluntly called out the instigators. “Kenosha has been ravaged by anti-police and anti-American riots. Violent mobs damaged at least 25 businesses,” he said. “These are not acts of peaceful protests but domestic terror.” He further added, “To stop the political violence, we must confront the radical ideology that supports it. … We must give far greater support to our law enforcement. … We can’t be threatening them.” Rather, he said, “We cherish our law enforcement. … We have to condemn dangerous anti-police rhetoric. … The vast and overwhelming majority of police officers are honorable, courageous, and devoted public servants.”

Trump also highlighted the fact that the rioting and violence in Kenosha came to a swift end after Evers finally followed Trump’s advice to deploy 1,000 National Guard troops and accepted his offer of 200 federal law enforcement officers. “I really came today to thank law enforcement. What you’ve done has been incredible. It’s really inspiring because you see [riots] happening all over and it just never seems to end. And it never seems to end because it’s almost as though they don’t want it to end. Because you ended it really fast.”

Contrasting law enforcement actions in Kenosha to quell the violence versus cities like Portland, Oregon, which has now experienced more than 90 straight days of rioting and violence, Trump said, “We’re tired of watching it because it could be solved in an hour. I say, ‘Your community is burning down,’” and yet Democrat state and city officials balk, saying, “‘We don’t need your help.’ Now, I don’t know if that’s political — I don’t know what is going on. It’s certainly not common sense, but we could solve it just like here.”

Indeed, Kenosha serves as a model of sorts, contends acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf: “The decrease in violence that we’ve seen here in Kenosha over the last several days is really just a prime example of how federal, state, and local law enforcement can work together. It’s really a model that we can replicate elsewhere, in Portland and other cities across the country.”

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is caught in a pickle. While he finally acknowledged the violence only to spin it as somehow Trump’s fault, Kenosha has proven that when state and city officials put aside their opposition to Trump and accept his offer of help, the rioting is quickly quelled and law and order is reestablished. No matter what Biden or the Leftmedia may claim, the fact of the matter is that the violence roiling America’s big cities is being perpetrated by the anti-American neo-Marxist Left.