The Patriot Post® · YouTube Censors a Trump Adviser

By Douglas Andrews ·

We’ve said it before: Google is evil. Straight up. Full stop.

More recently, we also covered the deeply dishonest tech giant’s efforts to suppress or silence conservative voices and thereby damage Donald Trump’s chances for reelection. So it’s no surprise that Google’s YouTube vehicle is getting in on the act.

What is surprising, though, are the depths to which Google and YouTube will stoop to silence those with whom they disagree. It’s one thing, for example, for Facebook to de-platform a provocative conspiracy theorist like Alex Jones. It’s another thing, however, for YouTube to remove a June 23 Hoover Institution interview with Dr. Scott Atlas, the noted author and former chief of neuroradiology at Stanford University Medical Center and an official adviser to President Donald Trump.

As The Wall Street Journal’s James Freeman asks, “Does cancel culture now dictate that Americans must be denied sensible medical information? Google parent Alphabet’s YouTube division seems to have blocked a White House medical adviser’s analysis because it conflicts with the flawed pronouncements of a U.N. bureaucracy.”

That UN bureaucracy is, of course, the notorious World Health Organization, which has become little more than a paid mouthpiece for communist China and an accomplice to its deadly malfeasance regarding the cause, timing, and spread of the Wuhan coronavirus.

As Hoover Fellow Lanhee Chen points out, “The fact that YouTube considers the WHO an authoritative resource on this subject is shameful. The WHO spread China’s early lie that COVID-19 could not be transmitted between humans. And it spread faulty information about the usefulness of masks at slowing the spread.”

Chen could’ve gone much further. He could have, for example, detailed WHO Director-General Tedros’s rich and deeply corrupt relationship with the ChiComs, which predated even his initial campaign for the WHO job. And he could’ve called out the organization’s laundering and recasting of China’s COVID-19 lies into assessments of seeming respectability. Actually, though, Chen has already done so.

But back to Dr. Atlas. What remarks of his did YouTube find so awful, so deeply disturbing, so terribly threatening to the health of the American people and their brothers and sisters around the globe? This: “Dr. Atlas has been making the case in print and in other media that we as a society have overreacted in imposing draconian restrictions on movement, gatherings, schools, sports, and other activities. He is not a COVID-19 denier — he believes the virus is a real threat and should be managed as such. But, as Dr. Atlas argues, there are some age groups and activities that are subject to very low risk. The one-size-fits-all approach we are currently using is overly authoritarian, inefficient, and not based in science. Dr. Atlas’s prescription includes more protection for people in nursing homes, two weeks of strict self-isolation for those with mild symptoms, and most importantly, the opening of all K-12 schools. The latter recommendation is vital for restarting and maintaining the economy so that parents are not housebound trying to work and educate their children. Dr. Atlas is also adamant that an economic shutdown, and all of the attendant issues that go along with it, is a terrible solution — the cure is worse than the disease.”

A thoughtful reader might note that these remarks have aged remarkably well, especially given that Atlas made them nearly three months ago. That reader might also note that these remarks sound as if they might’ve been made by Donald Trump himself, albeit in a more combative way.

And that, too, is a problem for Google and YouTube, and just about everyone else who’s pulling for Joe Biden: If Trump says something substantive, they say, we must stress that the opposite is true — no matter how implausible it is.

Censorship is an ugly, awful, anti-American thing. And Google and its Big Tech ilk are the very embodiment of it.