The Patriot Post® · The Long (Planned) March of Marxist Revolution

By Brian Mark Weber ·

Just weeks away from the presidential election, rioters are wrecking our cities, police officers are being demonized and ambushed in their cars, and leftists in our nation’s capital are proposing changing the names of the Washington and Jefferson memorials.

If you get the sense that it’s all part of an organized revolution, you’re right.

But it didn’t happen overnight. Instead, it’s been in the making for decades. What we’re witnessing now is not the beginning of a revolution but the implementation of one.

Back in the 1960s, parents sent their kids to colleges and universities with the belief that they’d become better educated and more prosperous than they were. Instead, those kids were indoctrinated to hate America’s culture, its institutions, and its founding principles.

And, like today, those campus leftists used racial division to spark the revolution’s powder keg.

As The Heritage Foundation’s Katharine Gorka writes, “Young, bored, white college students, seduced in their ignorance by the dysfunctional dream of Marxism, decided to conduct their revolutionary experiment using black people as the trigger.”

Gorka adds, “Not only are there strong parallels between the riots of 2020 and the riots of the 1960s, but there is a direct link between the organizers. … One of the three BLM founders, Patrice Cullors, spent a decade working as a radical organizer in the Labor/Community Strategy Center, which was established and run by Eric Mann, a former member of the Weather Underground. The Weather Underground was formed in 1969 as a militant wing of the Students for a Democratic Society.”

One of the leaders and cofounders of the Weather Underground was none other than Bill Ayers, the radical leftist terrorist who helped launch the political career of Barack Obama and actively pushed to transform America’s universities into “social justice” training centers. But let’s not forget his other contributions to society: bombing the U.S. Capitol, police stations, banks, and other buildings.

Again, the political agitation we’re watching today is nothing new. It’s merely the next stage in a drawn-out effort to destroy the country we love and to empower the revolutionaries behind it.

For now, we’ve got to address the mayhem. President Donald Trump wants to throw rioters in jail. The Heritage Foundation suggests charging those involved in riots with the Anti-Riot Act and the RICO Act. And this week, Attorney General Bill Barr is asking federal prosecutors to consider charging them with sedition.

It shouldn’t have come to this point.

Far too many Americans assumed the radical revolutionaries of the 1960s grew up to become productive citizens like everyone else. But while the rest of us were working hard to realize the American Dream, the countercultural Left was seeding a nightmare.

Over the last 50 years, those very same Marxists spread out into every institution in American life, and now they wield significant power and influence. They became university professors, CEOs, clergy, journalists, PTA presidents, and, of course, they became politicians.

And that’s how Marxism works. The indoctrination of generations of Americans and the overthrow of their country isn’t a quick process. Instead, it’s a long march. Indeed, it’s taken half a century for many Americans to realize that every aspect of our civilization is under attack. The fact that many have been sleeping through history is a testament to the insidiousness of the Left’s plan. And that plan is an unmistakable political and cultural revolution.

But we can’t say they didn’t warn us. In 2008, candidate Obama must’ve made Ayers proud when he repeatedly boasted that he’d “fundamentally transform” the United States of America. Having gotten a good look at what that transformation looks like, however, maybe it’s time we wake up and save the country.