The Patriot Post® · BLM Erases Its Own History

By Nate Jackson ·

To hear the “fact-checkers” tell it, the official organization known as Black Lives Matter didn’t really want to “disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure” by replacing families with “‘villages’ that collectively care for one another,” despite that clear statement appearing on its website. Well, now the BLM website no longer says that at all. A page titled “What We Believe” was tossed down the memory hole, now yielding a “404 Not Found” error. Then again, nothing on the Internet is ever truly gone.

Though BLM has yet to explain the change, we suspect the reason is a substantial drop in public approval for BLM. As it turns out, “disrupting” the family and touting Marxism while burning down American cities doesn’t poll well in suburbia.

As commentator Matt Walsh observes, “Considering that it is precisely the ‘disruption’ of the nuclear family in the black community that has contributed so heavily to the socioeconomic problems that plague it, BLM’s affirmation and promotion of this self-destructive trend is especially grotesque and dangerous.” Indeed, as our own Mark Alexander argued, most of the rioters — white and black — are fatherless youth.

Nothing disrupts the traditional family like the Rainbow Mafia, and much of what was scrubbed from BLM’s website dealt with its efforts to advance that agenda. It repeatedly touted support for “queer and trans folks” and decried “cisgender privilege” and the “heteronormative” structure of Western society.

Even after the change, BLM’s “About” page makes clear that it is a radical-left group, not a mainstream American organization. Quite the contrary, it is anti-American.

BLM still describes itself as a “collective of liberators” who aim to “move beyond the narrow nationalism” of the present. Those are Marxist ideals, espoused by the self-described “three radical Black organizers” who founded BLM. “I actually do think we have an ideological frame,” said BLM cofounder Patrisse Cullors in 2015. “We are trained Marxists.”

The page also laments that black people are being “systematically and intentionally targeted for demise.” That is demonstrably false … at least as it pertains to police or white people in general. The nation’s abortion mills, on the other hand, end more black lives than anyone. And young black men kill thousands of other young black men (and women and children) every year. Yet BLM utters not a word about either.

BLM is concerned primarily with dismantling American institutions because it views those institutions and our nation itself as “systemically racist.” It is a radical group vehemently and sometimes violently opposed to Liberty in a colorblind society.

Just don’t tell the “fact-checkers.”