The Patriot Post® · Barrett's Life Refutes Leftists' 'Oppressed Women' Narrative

By Thomas Gallatin ·

Leftists hate Amy Coney Barrett because she thoroughly debunks their feminist empowerment dogma. As Joy Pullmann, executive editor at The Federalist and a mother of six children in her own right, insightfully notes, “Barrett is a walking rebuke not only to the narrative but to the powers that be. And she looks great while she does it. Her very existence repudiates the left’s binary thinking about womanhood, that women have to deny what makes women different from men to achieve professionally. And that’s why they hate her.”

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) practically said as much yesterday when he blasted Barrett as a threat. “Just about everything that America believes in and stands for when it comes to issues like healthcare and labor rights and LBGTQ rights and women’s rights, Judge Barrett stands against all of that,” Schumer thundered in his best imitation of Ted Kennedy’s disgraceful “Robert Bork’s America” defamation. “Justice Ginsburg must be turning over in her grave up in heaven to see that the person [Republicans] chose seems to be intent on undoing all the things that Ginsburg did. I will strongly, strongly, strongly oppose this nomination.” Given that Ginsburg held pretty irreligious views, Schumer’s assertion that she’s “in her grave up in heaven” (whatever that means) is clearly intended as a dig at Barrett’s sincerely held Catholic faith. After all, the anti-religious dogma lives loudly in the Democrats.

This feminist narrative explains leftists’ hateful smear campaign against a highly successful and inspirational woman when it comes to healthcare. They attempt to turn her into a sub-human monster who essentially wants to endanger the lives of millions of Americans by removing their ObamaCare healthcare coverage, as The New York Times ridiculously claims. Or as Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) falsely insisted, Barrett’s nomination “threatens the destruction of life-saving protections of 135 million Americans with pre-existing conditions.” Never mind the fact that Trump just this week signed an executive order ensuring that people with preexisting conditions are assured access to health insurance, demonstrating the truth of his repeated statements that he agreed with that provision of ObamaCare.

The truth is that Barrett blows up the Left’s resentment-based narrative of religious conservatism equating to oppression of women. Barrett stands as a shining example refuting the Democrats’ primary manner of appealing to suburban women voters. Democrats insist that under President Donald Trump and Republicans, women are suffering under a misogynistic “patriarchy” akin to “The Handmaid’s Tale.” Nothing could be further from the truth, as Trump’s presidency has actually led to greater individual Liberty and less government encroachment into people’s lives.

The root objection Democrats and the Left have against Barrett is that they see her as a serious threat to their ultimate religious sacrament: abortion rights.

Indeed, Barrett’s comments on abortion defy the Democrats’ dubious caricature of her as some oppressed “handmaid.” She said, “Motherhood is a privilege, but it comes at a price. … A woman who wants to become pregnant accepts this price, but in an unplanned pregnancy the woman faces the difficulties of pregnancy unwilling. … [Then] I think supporting poor, single mothers would be the best way to reduce the number of abortions in the U.S.”

To Democrats, abortion is viewed as the primary means of female empowerment. It is the litmus test for determining the “fairness” of society, as they assert that women cannot compete equally in the marketplace without abortion. Such a view, of course, is fundamentally anti-woman and anti-mother. And that’s why they can’t stand the thought of a pro-life, pro-family woman like Amy Coney Barrett sitting on the most powerful court in the land.