The Patriot Post® · Wednesday Executive Summary

By Jordan Candler ·

Circus Debate

  • Trump and Biden trade blows in acrimonious, starkly personal, and chaotic debate (Washington Examiner)

  • Full transcript and video (Daily Mail)

  • Chris Wallace faces intense backlash, including from colleagues, over bias (The Daily Wire)

  • Somehow the Biden campaign secured the rights to the “@Truth” Twitter handle (Twitchy)

Elsewhere in Politics

  • Bidens release tax records, earned over $16.5 million since 2017 from book deals and speeches (Disrn)

  • Bombshell allegation: Hillary Clinton orchestrated collusion hoax to distract from her emails, according to Russian intel (National Review)

  • Donald Trump gets his third Nobel Prize nomination (PJ Media)

Voter Fraud

  • Largest county in Texas accused of approving voter registrations of noncitizens (

  • New York City residents receive invalid ballots with wrong names and addresses (The Daily Caller)

Annals of the “Social Justice” Caliphate

  • The “Minneapolis effect”: Researcher estimates cuts in policing have led to 710 murders across the U.S. (Daily Mail)

  • St. Louis won’t prosecute nine people charged with trespassing at the home of Mark and Patricia McCloskey (Daily Mail)

  • Lawyer for grand juror in Breonna Taylor case claims Kentucky AG didn’t present everything (NBC News)

  • California school district pushes “systemic racism” agenda after a rope swing was mistaken for a noose (The Federalist)

  • Governor Gavin Newsom signs law mandating “trans” inmates be housed based on gender identity (The Daily Signal)

National Security

  • Navy SEALs go woke, change creed to be gender-neutral, remove “brotherhood” (Disrn)

  • North Korea has created miniature nukes and has been developing its ballistic missile program at an “intense pace,” UN report warns (Daily Mail)

Other Notables

  • Pennsylvania court strikes down law protecting gun manufacturers from lawsuits (Fox News)

  • Undergraduate enrollment down 2.5% and graduate students up 3.9% compared to September 2019 (National Student Clearinghouse)

  • Vilified early over lax virus strategy, Sweden seems to have scourge controlled (The New York Times)

  • Heartwarming: Non-verbal autistic boy says his family’s names for the first time (Disrn)

Closing Arguments

  • Policy: Trump doesn’t need price controls to lower prescription drug costs (The Daily Signal)

  • Policy: “Taxing the rich” doesn’t make us better off (Mises Institute)

  • Humor: Broadcast signal accidentally picks up two old men yelling at each other instead of presidential debate (The Babylon Bee)

  • Related humor: Chris Wallace’s impartiality questioned due to his giant foam ringer reading “Biden 2020” (The Babylon Bee)

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