The Patriot Post® · Schumer Promises to Pack Court, Biden Remains Coy

By Thomas Gallatin ·

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has unabashedly embraced the Democrats’ radical plan for remaking the nation and its institutions should they win control of the Senate. Asked if Democrats would pack the Supreme Court, add DC and Puerto Rico as states (to pack the Senate), and end the filibuster, Schumer responded, “I would. Believe me, on DC and Puerto Rico … I’d love to make them states. And as for the filibuster, I’m not busting my chops to become majority leader to do very little or nothing. We are going to get a whole lot done. And as I’ve said, everything, everything is on the table.”

And as Gary Bauer insightfully notes, “By ‘everything,’ Schumer also means adding four or five more liberal Supreme Court justices, eliminating the Electoral College, mandating taxpayer funding of abortion on demand, passing a massive amnesty bill, massive tax hikes, a massive socialist healthcare scheme and the massively expensive Green New Deal.” In short, Schumer is making it crystal clear that, if Democrats win the Senate in November, they plan to put the pedal to the metal imposing their radical leftist agenda.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden continues to dodge answering whether or not he supports packing the Supreme Court. When politicians play coy, they are aiming to deceive. Therefore the question is which group of voters Biden intends to fool — the hard-core Left, or moderates who may be turned off by Donald Trump’s persona but don’t agree with the Left’s extremist measures to radically transform the nation’s institutions.

While Biden, in his heart of hearts, likely embraces the court-packing agenda of the radical Left, he also knows that openly doing so would endanger not only his electoral opportunity with moderates, especially in tight swing states, but more significantly it would threaten the Democrats’ ability to gain control of the Senate. In fact, at least 12 Democrat senators running to hold or win seats have come out against packing the court. (Not that it would stop them from reversing course once elected…)

The reality is, should Biden win the presidency and Schumer and company gain control of the Senate, Democrats will do whatever they want. And Biden will point to the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett as his justification for why he refused to answer the question prior to the election.