The Patriot Post® · Cutting the Ties That Bind Us to China

By Robin Smith ·

The Republican House minority is doing important work despite House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s best efforts to stymie any and all productivity on behalf of the American people. The Republicans’ China Task Force, led by Chairman Michael McCaul (R-TX), has published a comprehensive report that warns, “The greatest generational challenge we face today is the threat of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).”

While Nancy gets her hair done, eats gourmet ice cream, and undermines anything that remotely looks like solving a problem for the American people, this task force has, since May, “conducted over 60 briefings with current and former top administration officials on both sides of the aisle, business executives, Ambassadors and various outside experts.” In excess of 130 leaders have engaged in classified and unclassified briefings to produce 82 key findings and more than 400 “forward leaning recommendations.”

Unlike leading from behind and bowing to nations hostile to American interests, congressional Republicans are working with President Donald Trump to repatriate much of our critical manufacturing from the People’s Republic of China (PRC) for the purpose of national security and safety of the American people.

The 130-page report spans the assessment of the ideological threat with China, looking at the glaring irreconcilable differences in philosophies and foundational beliefs in human rights, the dignity of life, and freedom, as well as the use of government and military in the lives of citizens. A high-level overview reminds us that China is the enemy of America, and the Chinese people deserve Liberty, not guaranteed enslavement with the current and continued relations with America. The report succeeds in:

  • Evaluating whether CCP’s actions against citizens amounts to genocide

  • Reviewing the Hong Kong crackdown on speech, surveillance, and access to information

  • Assessing violations of religious freedom

  • Determining if forced organ harvesting is employed

  • Creating a U.S. policy structure to bring home critical manufacturing to secure supply chains

  • Ensuring no U.S. taxpayer funds are used to support any CCP/PRC-owned enterprises

  • Requiring colleges and universities to make public the donations annually from the PRC

This report boils down to the understanding that the CCP has an ideology that’s not compatible with an international system of collaboration and diplomacy. The CCP is hostile to freedom, open markets, individual rights, personal property, and peace.

The Wuhan coronavirus has become the tipping point. While the CCP knew of the virus, China lied. The disgraceful misinformation to other nations is not just typical of communists, it’s standard operating procedure.

As the pandemic’s grip became an economic crisis via the lockdowns, the American public was made vividly aware of the shelves that once brimmed with cheap vitamins, low-cost over-the-counter drugs, and products ranging from antibiotics and life-saving medicines to pet food and toilet paper. Supplies were either nonexistent or extremely restricted due to the supply chain leading back to China.

Aesop’s fable “The Farmer and the Viper” applies. A farmer finds a snake in the freezing cold and takes pity at its situation, believing the best of its nature and hoping that a show of kindness would lead to coexistence and friendship. The farmer realizes the truth too late — the viper, once revived to its strength, mortally wounds the kind man, and the farmer can only scorn himself on his deathbed “for pitying a scoundrel.”

President Ronald Reagan’s “trust but verify” admonition can easily be applied to America’s relationship with China. America’s best interests are served by reducing our dependency on a communist regime that is proving itself to be a risk to the prosperity and safety of Americans.

Tenth-century China practiced the bizarre tradition of binding women’s feet — strapping the extremities of girls between four and six years old to break bones and misshape the foot so as to mimic a dancer who pleased the emperor. American ingenuity, innovation, intellectual property, wealth, and prowess have been artificially bound to accommodate our supposed global trading partners in China. It’s time to cut these ties that bind and watch Americans resume their place of prominence as the world’s best in manufacturing, engineering, and personal wealth.