The Patriot Post® · It's Tougher to Support Trump Than Be Osama's Relative

By Thomas Gallatin ·

What’s worse — being associated with President Donald Trump or Osama bin Laden? Well, according to the late terrorist mass murder’s niece, Noor bin Ladin, it’s Trump. In a recent article entitled “Being pro-Trump has caused me more grief than being Osama bin Laden’s niece,” she asserts that her public support of the U.S. president has essentially made her as persona non grata.

Noor, whose father was Osama bin Laden’s half brother Yeslam and whose mother is Swiss author Carmen Dufour, grew up in Switzerland. Her father and mother were never associated with Osama’s terrorist organization, al-Qaida.

Earlier this year, Noor wrote a powerful article in which she endorsed Trump. She warned against the hard-leftist anti-American ideology that has captured the Democrat Party. Ironically, it was this support for Trump rather than her infamous last name that, as she notes in the above-referenced article, has caused her the most grief.

Noor, who currently lives in Switzerland, makes clear her profound admiration for the U.S. and Americans in general. “Americans are, in my experience, the warmest, most kind-hearted and open-minded people in the world. … Americans base their judgement on the content of someone’s character and actions, not on the color of their skin — or last name,” she observes. She then notes:

This was reaffirmed last month, after I voiced my love for America and support for President Trump. The response to ‘My Letter to America’ has been overwhelmingly wonderful, and I am most thankful to all those who took the time to read it and send kind messages, including Spectator readers. But in my private life, I have lost a few so-called friends for backing Donald Trump over the past five years. Coming out publicly was a step too far for some, and the vitriol I received for stating my political beliefs revealed unflattering sides to certain characters. From a sociological standpoint, it is quite interesting that in some elitist circles being pro-Trump has caused me more grief than carrying the name bin Ladin.

She also explains her support for Trump and why it’s sensible and not crazy, as so many Leftmedia talkingheads suggest:

And why do I support Donald Trump? Look at his record. He has stood up to China, kept America out of new wars, solidified ties with Israel, overturned the disastrous Iran deal and obliterated Isis. Domestically, he removed handicapping regulations to American economic growth, rebuilt a depleted military, brought back manufacturing and revamped dying industries by renegotiating trade deals and cutting taxes; he has achieved energy independence, curbed immigration — all of which contributed to setting record unemployment rates. He has tackled neglected issues such as human trafficking and unjust incarceration — and given America a chance at restoring her principles, pride, independence and true place in the world as beacon of liberty and hope for all.

For Noor, like so many other people across the globe, America remains that shining city on a hill. It is the heartbeat of Liberty, and she longs to see it preserved. “Seeing the uplifting images of Americans rallying around the President also warms my heart and lifts my spirits. I wish I could be there with them. You can be sure I’ll be on one of the first flights to America once restrictions are lifted.” Too often, Americans are subject to a Leftmedia narrative claiming that the rest of the world rolls their eyes and cringes at the “dumb Americans” who would elect someone like Trump. It’s always a breath of fresh air to hear from those who see clearly what America is all about — and love us for it.