The Patriot Post® · What Trump Has NOT Done

By Lewis Morris ·

Of all the baseless accusations hurled at President Donald Trump by the media and the Left (but we repeat ourselves) throughout his presidency, the one that seems to get the most ink is that he’s an authoritarian dictator-in-waiting. Well, it’s been four years, and we’re still waiting for this supposed dictator to emerge.

Trump has been called a warmonger by the same media that heaped praise on Barack Obama for winning an undeserved Nobel Peace Prize, yet then turned a blind eye when he engaged America’s military in conflicts around the globe. Obama handed Trump more open-ended conflicts than he inherited from his predecessor George W. Bush.

Trump helped broker peace deals between Israel and several Arab nations that may change the political landscape of the Middle East for years to come. There was little mention of it in the press because it didn’t fit the Trump-as-warmonger narrative. And the nominations Trump has received for the Nobel Peace Prize have been written off as being from right-wing politicians and therefore unworthy of merit.

President “Warmonger” also met personally with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. The meeting didn’t produce the desired results, but again, that’s hardly the behavior of someone who wants to sow chaos around the globe. Neither was his call for pulling our troops out of Afghanistan or demanding that our NATO allies take on a larger share of the responsibility for their own defense. These facts were barely reported or were twisted for ridicule by the press.

Stateside, Trump has been lambasted for not doing enough to combat the China Virus and also for using the pandemic as an opportunity to expand his power. No word yet on how both accusations can be true. For some insight as to what abuse of power looks like during a national emergency, we can turn to Democrat governors like Andrew Cuomo (New York), Gavin Newsom (California), and Gretchen Whitmer (Michigan). These three are the heavyweights among a multitude of state and municipal Democrats around the country who are running roughshod over people’s constitutional rights.

Arbitrarily closing businesses indefinitely, blatantly infringing on religious liberty, and being openly hostile to citizens is what abuse of power looks like, and the Democrats are getting really good at it. The media doesn’t have the time to report on this, though. It’s too busy labeling Republican governors in Georgia, Florida, and Texas as villains for not locking people in their homes “for their own safety” like proper authoritarian despots.

In countries around the world, governments are using the pandemic as an excuse to shut down the press, imprison journalists, silence medical professionals, and extend executive and military powers indefinitely in the name of public safety. Again, no word in the mainstream media about that. Instead, American “journalists” would rather chastise Trump for standing on the White House balcony.

If Trump were a true authoritarian despot, he would have federalized the National Guard or gone for the big guns and sent in the Army when Democrat-run cities across the country erupted in violence. Since when does any real dictator allow the unwashed masses to criticize him openly, destroy public property, and riot in the streets?

It is leftists and their supporters in the media who want an authoritarian government that rules from the top down. That’s what socialism is all about. Yet projecting is what leftists do, so they hope to convince the American public that it is Trump who’s the enemy of freedom, when in fact he’s one of its greatest defenders.