The Patriot Post® · BLM to Biden: 'You Owe Us'

By Nate Jackson ·

“We want something for our vote,” declared Patrisse Cullors, cofounder of Black Lives Matter, in a letter to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. She explained, “Without the resounding support of Black people, we would be saddled with a very different electoral outcome. In short, Black people won this election.” The message is obvious: We delivered. Now pay up.

“We want to be heard and our agenda to be prioritized,” Cullors continued. “We issue these expectations not just because Black people are the most consistent and reliable voters for Democrats, but also because Black people are truly living in crisis in a nation that was built on our subjugation. Up until this point, the United States has refused to directly reckon with the way it devalues Black people and devastates our lives. This cannot continue. Black people can neither afford to live through the vitriol of a Trump-like Presidency, nor through the indifference of a Democrat-controlled government that refuses to wrestle with its most egregious and damnable shame.”

There’s a lot to unpack there — from the false and divisive historical revisionism to the implied claims of “systemic racism” to the hinted charge that Democrats never have really delivered for blacks, despite getting roughly 90% of their votes for 50 years. What major city with a sizable black population living in poverty hasn’t been run by Democrats for generations? If there’s something systemic, we humbly suggest blacks start looking there…

But we’ll simply focus on one point: Black Lives Matter — the organization, not the words themselves or the sentiment they convey — is racist and Marxist, by Cullors’s own admission. And it is BLM’s thugs who, ahem, “peacefully protested” by burning and looting. Biden and Harris walked the tightrope of belated mild condemnation while winking, nodding, and affirming BLM’s complaints.

Stop and think for a minute what it means for our country that BLM’s violent Marxists think they have a debt to collect from a Biden-Harris administration. Think about what that means for the “unity” leftists keep calling for, or the future of Liberty itself.